#1 Turf Installation

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If you have a yard that has unhealthy grass or no grass at all, you may need to install some turf to make your yard look better. Turf installation can also make your yard safer. When it comes to turf installation, you have two basic options. The first is turfgrass. Turfgrass is real grass that is short and easy to maintain

The second option is the installation of artificial turf. Artificial turf is any type of synthetic grass or surface material designed to replace grass or function as a recreational surface, such as a football field or tennis court. The various types of artificial turf are made from many different substances, but the most popular is plastic. If you are looking for turf installation, you need to understand the benefits and disadvantages of turfgrasses, as well as artificial turf. You must also compare installation costs to find the company and installation service that is right for you. Below is more information on how to choose a turf type and what the installation process is like, including projected costs.


Types of Turfgrass

Turfgrasses are similar in general structure, but different varieties have varying climate-related needs. For example, ryegrass grows well in cooler climates, but carpetgrass prefers a warmer environment. Any turf installation expert you hire must know which grasses are available and which are best for installation in your area. Some other types of turfgrass to discuss with your installation expert include: 

  • Bermuda Grass.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass.

  • Centipedegrass.

  • Bentgrass. 

Types of Artificial Turf

The first major breakthrough in synthetic turf was AstroTurf, which is still popular today. However, today's technology has also led to the development of many other types of man-made turf. Some are meant for play surfaces, such as playgrounds and sports fields, but many look and function almost exactly like real grass. If you are looking for artificial turf to install in your yard, here are three of the top options:

  • Polyethylene grass is a non-porous type of turf that works well in high-traffic areas. It feels like real grass, but it is easy to clean and maintain. Also, animal waste does not cling to it, making it a favorite for pet owners.

  • Polypropylene grass is not very strong, so it is prone to damage. However, it is usually the least expensive option among the synthetic turf types used for lawns. It is ideal for installation in areas where you do not typically walk or allow children or pets to play.

  • Nylon grass is one of the strongest synthetic turf options. It is also weather-resistant and heat-resistant. That makes it a favorite choice for golf courses. Although, it is also commonly used for home lawns, especially in states where the weather is routinely hot, such as Florida.

Advantages of Turfgrass

Turfgrass has several advantages. The first is it is real grass, which means it can contribute to purifying the air around your property. Turfgrass can also keep soil in your yard from eroding during storms. Turfgrass is also usually cool to the touch, making it safer for summertime play than hotter surfaces, such as concrete. You may also enjoy turfgrass because installing it around your home can help you drown out sounds in your neighborhood. When combined with appropriate shrubbery, it absorbs sounds very well.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

One major advantage of artificial turf is you do not have to mow it. Therefore, you save time and energy. You also do not need to spend money to hire lawn care specialists or purchase mowing equipment yourself. Other advantages include:

  • No Watering

  • No Seasonal Changes in Appearance (Turning Brown, Wilting Etc.)

  • No Need to Fertilize

  • Eliminates Weed Growth

  • Limits Bugs and Other Lawn Pests 

Turf Installation Cost Calculation

When choosing a type of turf, cost is obviously a concern. Turf installation, whether real grass or fake, is usually first calculated by square foot. Real turfgrass, also known as sod, usually only costs up to $2 per square foot to install. Most companies charge between $5 and $20 per square foot for artificial turf. It may seem like real turf is the more economical choice, but you must also factor in the ongoing cost of maintaining it. Artificial turf does not require water, fertilizer, or much general upkeep at all. The initial installation fee is the only financial concern associated with it. 

You must also consider related labor costs when purchasing any type of turf. Most companies charge extra for labor services. For example, there may be paid consultations and planning sessions prior to installation. The company may also need to dig ditches, cut turf to fit around other features of your property, or apply gravel underneath the turf for stability or drainage. Discuss each of those possibilities ahead of time to get an accurate projection of what the total cost for the project is likely to be with labor added. 

How to Find Top Turf Installation Companies

When you are ready to have turf installed, you need to find the right company to do the job. There are several national chains where you can get turf installed. For example, Home Depot and Lowe's both offer turf installation services. You must schedule consultations with such companies. Their experts can help you explore all of your turf installation options. 

There are also many top turf installation companies that operate in specific parts of the United States. The advantage of hiring such companies is their experts know the areas in which they work and can make the best recommendations for those environments. For instance, Artificial Turf Kings is one of the largest turf installation companies in Texas. Their experts know exactly what the Texas climate is like and which types of turf can last longest in that environment with minimal maintenance. Check your local yellow pages to find such companies.

How to Choose a Turf Installation Company

To avoid wasting time and money, you must hire a turf installation company with a good reputation. Popular websites like Yelp can also provide you with reviews you can use to locate the top turf company in your local area. You can also question family members, friends, or neighbors with well-maintained lawns. They can tell you which turf companies they have successfully hired. Make sure you trust the company you choose. Look for one that offers multiple options in different price ranges and is willing to review those options with you thoroughly. That way you can make sure you are happy with your turf choice.