Bee Removal Service

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Why Removal Is More Beneficial Than Exterminating

Dealing with those "pesky" bees on your property? Thinking about calling an exterminator to help remove them? Most people would be surprised to learn that those little pollinators not only play a big part in the ecosystem but also are a big contributor to humans. Bees help transport pollen from one plant to another which in turn produces fruits, vegetables, nuts and even seeds for even more plants to grow.

It'd be really hard to maintain a healthy diet without our plants that produce healthy foods, right? It has even been said humanity wouldn't be able to survive for more than four years without bees and their pollination processes. Yet still bees have been declining more and more for the past decade and for what reason when they provide so much? This is why it's so important to help protect the bees through bee removal services.

Removal Over Extermination

Choosing to exterminate is definitely not the wisest way to get rid of bees and is quite inhumane. In certain states such as Florida they even have strict removal regulations. It puts out harmful toxins and can actually do more harm than good even sometimes costing you double the money if not all was handled correctly. The following reasons are why extermination is not the best way to go.

  • When you choose to exterminate, it's not just a "one day & the problem is fixed" type of thing. Harmful chemicals are being sprayed out multiple times.

  • Sometimes the exterminator won't even remove the honeycomb, leaving you to deal with it on your own which can be quite a hassle; even causing more bees to come right on back and possibly bringing in other insects such as roaches & mosquitoes.

Bees Actually Aren't as Harmful as You Think

Bees are usually fairly harmless (unless you're allergic of course & in that case definitely stay away) and actually aren't aggressive and will only sting when disturbed or if they feel threatened. Bee removal services is the safest, most responsible option and the process is actually quite straightforward. A specialist will come and relocate the bees in the safest way possible for the bees and also with the least possible danger to anyone else nearby to ensure the bee colony will still be able to pollinate elsewhere. Sometimes local beekeepers will even come do the services for free depending on certain factors but overall, the average bee removal prices range anywhere from $75-$150 for basic removal but could cost more or less depending on your specific situation and whether you wanted same day bee removal or not.

Needless to say, choosing a bee specialist over an exterminator truly is the most humane, responsible way to help fix your bee problem. Not only are you doing your part for yourself and the bees, but you're also contributing to keeping a healthy flowing environment. There's no reason the bees need to be on an unnecessary decline when they're just here to do what they were made to do for our ecosystem.