Flower Delivery Services

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Throughout this period of social distancing, it has become more important than ever to discover new ways to connect with the people in our lives in a meaningful way. There are plenty of ways to communicate through our phones, but none is quite as thoughtful as sending flowers. Flowers have been an important means of communication for thousands of years. The Language of Flowers was developed in Victorian times, assigning a meaning behind each individual flower so hidden messages could be interpreted based on the floral arrangement.

Know Which Type of Flowers to Send

When choosing which flowers to send, it is important to focus on who you are sending them to and what message you want to say. In romance, roses are commonly used—especially long-stem red roses—but there are many other flowers that symbolize romantic feelings. Jasmine flowers represent love and sensuality, gardenias represent a secret love, and the white dittany symbolize love and passion. For professional relationships, gifting Peruvian lilies, peonies, narcissus, or orchids can symbolize wealth and fortune. For relatives, lilacs, hyacinth, and gardenias represent family.

Know What Each Type of Flower Means

Beyond the person/group, there are also specific occasions that warrant specific flowers. For funerals, white roses can symbolize peace and remembrance. If you are sending a bouquet for graduations, camellias and white carnations will wish them good luck and congratulate their accomplishment. For weddings, it is typical to send white roses or gerbera daisies, symbolizing cheerfulness and well wishes. When using flowers for greetings, it is customary to send daffodils or daisies to represent new beginnings.

How to Best Send Your Flowers

Now that you have an idea of what flowers to send, let’s talk about the how. There are many options for flower delivery services.

  • You can see if local florists are delivering, or you can look into bigger online companies.
  • Same day flower delivery options are a wonderful option, but they tend to cost more and have a smaller, pre-determined selection.

If you want to have a more tailored bouquet, it is best to plan ahead. The delivery fee of flowers can skyrocket a $20 bouquet up to $50, but there are ways to opt for cheap flower delivery. Picking flowers that are in-season, planning ahead, and avoiding major holidays are sure to cut the cost, as well as looking for coupons or delivery codes. More often than not, the cost you pay is shown through the impressiveness of the bouquet, so if you are hoping to make a big statement to a loved one, be prepared to shell out more! Finding the best prices on flowers will take some time and research, calling to get quotes and look into your options. 

Flowers will always be a wonderful gift that can be personalized and tailored to any occasion or person. Using the meanings behind the flowers not only makes the bouquet more special, but it can also be a fun way to communicate and have the receiver know exactly what you are trying to say! In the world of short and impersonal text messages, choose to send meaningful flowers, it will enhance the lives of everyone involved!