GED Programs

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GED stands for General Education Diploma.  For many people, finishing high school is not a possibility. But when you are job searching having a GED is one of the most important documents you can have. It lets your potential employer know you have a basic education. By getting your GED online, you can expect to see an increase in income, land a better job, enjoy employment benefits, enter college, and much more.

Getting a GED is a lot easier than it was years ago. First, they lowered the passing score to 45-percent correct. Another way it is different and much easier than decades ago, is that you can take the test online and not have to worry about going to a high school or college and sitting with others who are taking the same test. Additionally, there are many GED prep classes both in-person and online to help you get read to take the test. If you have been putting off getting your GED then now may be the very best time to get one.

How Long Are GED Programs?

Typically, it takes up to eight months to complete a GED course, but you can complete it in three months if you buckle down and study. This is highly dependent on education and skill level. The process of obtaining a GED is usually broken down into four parts: math, social studies, science, and language arts. Many GED programs have different instructors for each part of the test. It is not unusual to have four separate instructors teaching at four different times. Other programs have two instructors teaching two subjects each.

Types of Online GED Programs

There are many online programs that offer free GED programs, courses, tests, and more. There are also many that cost money to take. offers online resources to study for the test as well as tips, classes, and more. You can also schedule your test on the site, and everything is free to use. Another online site is GED Academy that offers students a course that takes six weeks or less.

Average Cost of GED Programs

Generally, the cost of an online GED test is around $130, but of course it can vary depending on which website you are using and which state you live in. You pay for separate test areas (for example, math or language arts) or you can pay for all four tests at once. Many students pass one section, but must retake another, so the benefit of being able to purchase just what you need is helpful.  

Benefits of Having a GED

Having a GED means you can apply for better jobs, enter state colleges and universities, and gain better employment benefits. With a GED, you are more qualified for jobs in better industries like construction, office and administration support, maintenance, physical therapy, pharmacies, hospital settings, and much more. Obtaining a GED also allows you to apply for admission into colleges and universities. Most statistics show that the higher your education, the more money you make per year.  

In general, over 45 percent of GED program graduates enroll in college within three years of completing the test. Students who have qualifying scores on GED tests can also receive college credits or waivers for basic skills placement testing as a result of taking some online GED programs. The 2009 U.S. Census found that those with a GED earned an average of $3,100 per month, a $700 monthly increase than those who just had some high school education. For those who want to pursue additional education, including trade and technical schools, having a GED is a must. Most colleges and universities require a high school diploma or GED to enter into their programs.

An Alternative to Traditional School

A large percentage of those taking the GED tests are students under the age of 20 who do not wish to attend traditional high school.  Perhaps you have a case of bullying that is not being addressed, or you had a family member with a chronic or terminal illness. Dropping out of school does not have to mean going without an education. The GED provides and alternative way to gain the education you need to get a job or go on to higher education.

How to Enroll in a GED Program

Most areas offer one or more GED programs. They sometimes go by the name of “Adult Education”, but in general you can assume it is a GED program. Some counties offer these programs for free if you live in the county. Others charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the materials and workbooks you will need to complete the courses. If you take an online GED course, which is the norm currently, then all of your materials are digital in nature as are your classes. Some GED classes are utilizing ZOOM so you can still have interaction with an instructor, while others are self-teaching modules that you work through at your own pace. To begin your search for a GED program near you, search by state, and then narrow down by county.