Medical Transportation

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Certain medical transportation companies will accept health insurance as well. For instance, having government healthcare can help you get a safe and complimentary ride to your medical appointments. There are all kinds of services provided by medical transportation companies. If you would like to learn more about what these services are, continue reading the sections below.

Medical Transportation Services

Medical transportation provides patients without personal vehicles or the ability to drive a chance to reach their treatment centers. Drivers are usually trained individuals with experience in the medical field, like emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics. This is to ensure the safe arrival of patients who may have more severe conditions. 

Moreover, these services are scheduled in advance to take patients to their appointments. Healthcare providers will schedule the transportation, but so can lawyers. An attorney may call on these services to take an injured client to a court appearance or interview.

Additionally, non emergency medical transportation services are not limited to land travel. A flight escort service can be arranged for when patients need to travel by air. This is for patients who are well enough to travel but need medical supervision from an onboard nurse.

Certain transportation services will provide a medical interpreter. For instance, deaf patients may need someone like a medical interpreter in case of emergencies. There may also be interpreters available for patients who are not proficient in English. 

The Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The main benefit of medical transportation services is that it helps patients who lack transportation and cannot afford transportation. If you have Medicaid, you qualify for free transportation to your doctor appointments. 

Patients can also travel in privacy and usually travel with medical professionals. If an emergency were to occur during the commute, the driver could provide the proper medical care. The majority of patients who use this service are senior citizens and/or have debilitating disabilities. These vehicles typically have plenty of space to accommodate large equipment. So, if someone uses an oxygen tank or has a broken leg, they will not have to worry about fitting into the vehicle.

The vehicles also come with a wheelchair lift which can also lift other heavy medical equipment. This mode of transportation will be advantageous to individuals who have difficulty getting out of cars. With its medical professional drivers and spacious vehicles, this makes non-emergency medical transportation an important service in the medical industry.

How to Choose the Best Medical Transportation Services

Although medical transportation can consist of all the services mentioned previously, not all services are provided. There are a few features you must look for to find the right transportation service. These are safety, timeliness and short and long-distance transportation.

Safety is one of the first features to look for in a medical transportation company. When researching for good companies, call them and ask them questions regarding this topic. Ask about their emergency procedures, how they hire and their references. If you go for a reputable company, they will provide their references.

Being punctual is also an important part of providing good care. The drivers must take patients to their appointments in a timely manner. If there is an emergency request, a company should be able to tell you how quickly they can accommodate.  

Another important offer is short- and long-distance transportation. Make sure the company you want to hire is nearby. Short distance accommodations are by land, traveling from the home of the patient to their physician. Long distance is when a patient requires accommodations for air travel. Certain companies will offer both, and if a patient flies often, this is an important question to ask.

Best Medical Transportation Services in America

There are numerous companies providing medical transportation service. Some offer one kind of transportation, like only air travel or by ambulatory vehicle. Others will provide medical interpreters while some do not. Even though there are many companies out there, here are two that have great services overall.

Lyft for Medical Transport offers a wide variety of services for patients in need of non-emergency medical transportation. They provide transportation for patients with Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. Doctors can use Lyft Concierge to schedule their rides either immediately or for a later date. Lyft offers a cheaper alternative to most healthcare transportation companies. You can also visibly see what you are spending on transportation in that moment rather than seeing it later.

ACC MedLink offers services nationwide and takes patients via plane or vehicle to desired destination. They have specific services for senior transportation and offer bedside to bedside service. Meaning if a patient will have to remain lying down for the duration of the trip, they can travel as they are.