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There comes a point when you run out of creative places to store weed-eaters, mowers, shovels, work boots and muddy gloves. Maybe they are currently residing on the back porch or in random corners of the yard. When this becomes a reality, it is often time to buy a backyard shed. Sheds are the ideal storage spaces for all your lawn equipment and come in many different types and sizes. There are sheds to accommodate almost any machine or vehicle and also provides storage and protection from the elements. But how do you know which shed is right?

If you are like most you immediately go online to see what is available locally, or ready made from a box store. Or perhaps you are an avid DIYer and believe you could build what you needed. Regardless of which type of homeowner you are, taking the time to do some research can save you, and your wallet, many headaches. Here is a list of the different types of sheds (wood, metal, resin) and their subsequent costs so you can get the backyard shed you need.

Wood Backyard Sheds

Wooden sheds, the classic backyard sheds, are the most commonplace type of storage building. Because they are made of solid wood these sheds tend to be exceptionally durable and sturdy. However, wooden sheds are often expensive and prone to rotting over time. This is especially true company that does not use quality wood or treatments. Wooden sheds are a favorite because they are highly customizable with the workspaces they offer. They can be very visually stunning from the outside as they can be painted or shingled to fit in with any aesthetic. A low end very basic wooden shed will run your wallet around $300-2,000 dollars, depending on the size. The more high-end models will run you a little over $2,500-4,000 dollars, depending on the company.

Unlike metal or vinyl sheds, wooden sheds, need to be maintained occasionally by painting or varnishing it every few years. This helps fend off rot and termite infestations. Wooden sheds are for those seeking out a classic backyard aesthetic that is both pleasing to the eye as it is functional. Wooden sheds can also be used for purposes beyond just storage. These are perfect for home workshops and art rooms, or a nice place for the home gardener to start seedlings.

Metal Backyard Sheds

When you want a shed that can withstand whatever mother nature throws at it, buy a metal shed. These are the most durable sheds on the market as they are cold and heat resistant, even to extreme temperatures. This means you have the freedom of placing a metal shed anywhere in the yard without worrying about environmental factors like the heat of the summer or the winter’s cold. Conversely, they are susceptible to rusting with prolonged exposure to water, and siding may need replacing over time.

The metal siding used to construct these sheds are thin, but strong, so they have some give to them. Despite this, they are rugged and can take rough handling. Metal sheds gain in durability what they lack in customization options. These types of sheds are designed to hold equipment, dirty tools, and take routine beatings, not impress art critics. Metal sheds are among the cheapest you can purchase, with small sheds pricing out at around $150-250 dollars for a small on. Medium to large sheds will run around $300-$800 dollars. These sheds are great for homeowners on a budget who need a durable shed, those who do not want or need the extra features the other types provide, or for those looking to simply store their equipment safely.

Resin or Plastic Backyard Sheds

When you are looking for a more modern feel in the backyard a resin shed may the one for you. Resin sheds are only now becoming more readily available on the market. The sheds are referred to as resin sheds because they are constructed from a combination of vinyl and polyethylene. Regardless of what resin material used, they all are grouped under the plastic shed category. However, depending on the type of material used, there are subtle differences.

The vinyl plastic shed is fireproof, tough to crack, and can take all forms of extreme weather and temperatures. For those reasons vinyl plastic sheds are used commonly in high humidity and heat areas. Plastic sheds resist the elements far better than the other types of sheds and are insect resistant. They come in many shapes, forms/ configurations, and colors. However, being made of resin, the sheds are far less durable than the wood or metal sheds, and are slightly more customizable than the metal sheds. This is because the plastic material is incapable of sustaining heavily weighted items such as shelving. For small plastic sheds the price range is between $250-$700, with medium and large sheds running $1,000-5,000 depending on size and configuration.

Best Questions to Ask When Considering a Shed

To best determine which type of shed is best for your purposes, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where will this shed be located?
  • How much is budgeted for a new shed?
  • Do you want to be able to customize it?
  • How will the shed function?
  • What will be stored in the shed?

Once you have answered these questions you are well on your way to solving your storage problems, create a new hobby house, or design a one of a kind she-shed. Here are a few good vendors to get you started:

Home Depot



Ace Hardware


Fisher Barns