Affordable Wigs

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Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, as it is more formally called, can significantly impact a man's confidence and self-image. While many men may see signs of balding in their mid-20s, it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of all men will experience some level of noticeable balding by the age of 35. Men are not the only consumers seeking out realistic-looking wigs at an affordable price.

Women often select wigs to cover their bad hair days, or in many instances to replace their hair loss from cancer treatments. Even with advancements in medical technology, little can be done to regrow hair that has been lost, and current treatments focus on reducing the further loss of hair or undergoing expensive hair transplant surgery.

Here we will examine the different types of hair systems available and some of the top manufacturers who offer quality yet affordable products. Find deals up to 70% off from top name brands!

Types of Wigs

Although wigs/hair systems come in all shapes and sizes, they all generally fit into one of three categories, lace hair systems, lace/poly hair systems, and poly hair systems. 

  • Lace Hair Systems: Although expensive compared to the alternatives, lace systems are becoming the most popular type of wig because they are lightweight, breathable, and have an incredibly realistic look. The one downside to lace systems is that they are not the most durable and will have to be replaced more frequently than poly or lace/poly systems.

  • Lace/Poly Systems: As the name implies, lace/poly systems are wigs that are made out of both lace and poly. These systems aim to maintain the realistic look of lace while making use of the durability of poly. Typically, lace will be used for the wig's front portion, and poly will be used for the crown and back.

  • Poly Systems: Poly systems are made out of polyurethane, a material that was chosen because of its durability. The main downside to poly wigs is that they are not breathable, and this makes them hot and far less comfortable to wear compared to a lace system.

Wigs and Ventilation

When choosing a wig, one of the most important aspects to think about is ventilation. Not only is this a comfort issue, but it is also an issue of appearance because how the hair is attached to the wig base has much to do with how realistic the hair system looks.  Although it is true that there are several different techniques used, most professional-grade hair pieces use one of three attachment methods, injection, looping, and knotting.

  • Injecting: Injecting involves sealing the hair strand between the wig base and a layer of silicone and can only be done with the more durable polyurethane hair strands. The major advantage of the injecting method is it causes all the hair strands to face in the same direction, resulting in a more natural look.

  • Looping: As the name would imply, looping means the hair strand is sewn through the wig base in a V or U shape. Although not as strong as injecting, looping allows wig makers to use thinner hair strands, which may be required for some users to achieve a natural appearance. Like injecting, looping can only be used with poly hair systems.

  • Knotting: Because lace is not sufficiently durable to be used with either the looping or injecting technique, hair strands must be tied or knotted to the wig base. Most wig manufacturers will use a double knot, single knot, and half knot depending on the type of hair texture and thickness they are trying to emulate.

Top Wig Manufacturers for Men 

The following top-rated companies have stellar reputations for creating wigs for all genders and ages. Each has several lines of wigs available at differing price points.

1. offers hair replacement systems for both men and women and comes highly rated by their users. When you visit their website, you will see that they offer two options, custom and ready-made wigs. While both are handmade, the custom model takes 8-to-12 weeks to prepare, while the ready-made model can be delivered in as little as one week. 

Ready-made model: $369

Custom model: $499


If you like the idea of a custom hairpiece, but you find a $500 price tag too expensive, it may be worth looking at Hairpiece Warehouse. Like Hair Direct, Hairpiece Warehouse offers clients both ready-made and custom hair systems, but at a lower cost than Hair Direct.

Ready-made Model: $248

Custom model: $278


Top lace comes recommended by the American Hair Loss Association and is known for producing a high-quality hairpiece at a price much lower than many of its competitors. Beyond this, some wig manufacturers require you to sign a contract saying that you will use them for any repairs and maintenance you may require on your hair system. Top lace places no such requirement on their customers and boasts a no-contract policy.

Ready made model: $239-279

Custom model: $279 


Hair Club is one of the most widely known hair loss treatment companies around, and they deal in both hair replacement systems and hair transplants. Over the recent years, the company has switched its focus to hair transplants, but they still offer hair systems that can be purchased for a very reasonable price. Although the service is geared towards men, Hair Club offers wigs for both men and women.

Ready-made model: $239

Custom model: $279


Cool piece is based in China and is well known in the wig/hair system community. Cool Piece only sells ready-made wigs, which might be a deal-breaker for some individuals. This being said, the company is known for producing high-quality products at a reasonable price point. 

Ready-made model: $240-275

Custom model: NA