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Whether you have a large car or small or are needing to get one new car tire or have to replace all four of them at one time, the biggest factor that you are going to worry about is whether or not replacing these tires is going to eat up all the funds you have. Obviously, you want to get the best car tires that you can so you can drive safely, but you also want ones that are in your range of affordability. You can find deals up to 75% off for top brand tires online.

The price of the tires that you get will vary by a lot. Though they may all look the same when they are on a car, tires actually come in a huge range of makes and models, and the price varies entirely on the size and tire brands that you get. It is the saze, brand, and quality of a tire that determines its cost. Below is a guide to how much you might expect to spend when you are buying new tires.

How much does it cost to buy new tires?

When you buy a new tire that has not been used, the average cost of that new tire is going to be around $100 for a sedan while the best car tires for SUVs are going to be closer to the $200 range. If you are worried about a budget, you can still get new tires that are on the lower side of the price range by going for tires that are not fancy or name brand, but safe and durable all the same.

If you have to buy all four tires at the same time, then it is going to get expensive pretty fast. However, many car and auto shops offer deals for people who have to buy several tires at a time which can help offset the cost. For most cars and SUVs, buying all four tires will cost between $400 and go all the way up to $1,800 dollars, and even more if you decide to get custom tires put on.

Do you always have to replace all four tires at once?

Whether or not you need to change all four tires out at one time depends on how worn down they are and what type of condition the tires are in. If you come in with one flat tire after having just recently gotten new tires, then you can just replace that tire and be on your way since the others are more than likely going to still be in good shape.

Meanwhile, if the same situation occurs and you get a flat tire on one tire, but it has been close to two years since you changed your tires, then all of them are going to be worn out and bald which is dangerous to drive on, in which case you will need to pay and replace them all.

What determines how much a tire costs?

There are several factors that go into determining how much the new tires you have to get are going to end up costing you. The two biggest factors are what brand of tire you choose to buy as well as the size of tire that you need to fit your car: for example, a tire for a sedan is going to be smaller and therefore less expensive than the large tires you need for an SUV. Typical cars that you see on the road are between 16 to 18 inches tall while tires on trucks are going to be 20 inches tall or more.

When you go to your auto store to price out new tires for your car, you really should be aware that the size of the tire you need is going to be the biggest deciding factor as to how much money you are going to be shelling out.

It is also important to realize that the price is going to go up if you have a luxury car that requires special tires or if you have customized your own car and therefore need customized tires to fit. A good rule of thumb to keep in the back of your mind is that the more specialized your vehicle is, the more expensive your tire is going to be.

Finally, look at the brands of the tires you pick out before you buy them. If you get a fancy brand name tire, you are going to be spending much more for just the name. Meanwhile, you could be spending much less money for a different tire and get one that is just as good as the more expensive option.

Vehicles are completely dependant on the tires; without them, they can't go anywhere. Take care of your tires and buy good quality ones, and they will take you anywhere you need to go!