Top Minivans 2021

Find the right Minivan for you! Learn your options. There are plently out there!

Minivans do not have the best reputation, but they still hold their place in the vehicle market. Top rated minivans remain practical like their large capacity. This is good for large families or moving around large items. The maintenance for the vehicles is simple and the insurance is cheaper.

Furthermore, the minivans 2020 are listed from the lowest rated to highest below. However low it is ranked on the list, these vehicles are still the best minivans for 2020. If you would like to find out which minivan suits you best, continue reading the sections below.

This is a minimalist version of the Chrysler Pacifica, from which the design is based on. Some of its current competitors are on this top rated minivans list. For example, the Kia Sedona, Toyota Sienna and even the Chrysler Pacifica are direct competitors of the Voyager.

The look and feel of the car is similar to the Pacifica with a smaller MSRP. Additionally, the price ranges from $27,000 to $30,000. These minivan ratings might not be very high, but the voyager can be appealing to you if you have a lower budget. For example, this vehicle is great for accessibility because of the rear and side entry conversions. In terms of safety of minivans, you have the option to install the blind spot warning when purchasing. Thus, if you are looking for a car with good value for your family, this minivan may be for you.

As one of the more affordable minivans 2020, this family car has good safety features. In terms of looks, this car will receive a minor upgrade from the 2019 model. There are two safety features for the Kia Sedona: the park distance warning and the driver attention warning.

The park distance warning aspect of this minivan is to prevent your from hitting objects when you forward or reverse. The driver attention safety aspect is a mixture of smart cruise control and blind spot collision warning. These are optional and you must request to have them installed. With a price tag of $27,000, this can be a cheap option with significant features.

The Toyota Sienna might be one of the oldest minivans on the market, but the fact that it is on the market with high minivan ratings is notable. The minivan features flexible seating to make cargo arrangements simpler. 

Furthermore, this vehicle carries all the minivan benefits in terms of safety. This will include blind spot collision warning like the previous vehicles, which mitigates potential crashes with an audio alert.  The car also comes with a lane departure alert and automatic high beams. 

Although it is not a safety feature, the Toyota Sienna has all-wheel drive. This provides better driving capacity when traversing the roads during snowy months. The MSRP for this vehicle ranges between $31,415 to $49,190. Note that the price will vary depending on the features you decide to add when you purchase.

This minivan is one of the higher rated cars and is a redesign of the 2017 Pacifica. Unlike the previously mentioned top rated minivans, overall performance is much stronger. For instance, it has 287 horsepower and a nine-speed shiftable automatic. This high automatic transmission makes it more fuel efficient.

Moreover, the upgraded 2020 model has standardized many features that were optionable in the 2017 model. These permanent aspects include the surround view camera, providing a 360-degree top-down view for better parking. Other aspects are the blind spot monitoring and the park distance warning. 

Another reason this on the top list for minivans 2020 is its cargo capacity. The flexible seating storage allows for a swift transformation from people carrier to cargo hauler. This minivan ranges from $33,395 to $46,540. With all of the permanent features, this is one of the better minivan options.

With a rating of 8.1 on Edmunds, making it one of the highest rated minivans on this top minivans ratings list. The Honda Odyssey comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission for better driving performance and improved fuel efficiency. This minivan has the most modern safety technology out of all the vehicles listed.

For instance, the lane keeping assist system warns when you are driving out of lane and steers you back. Another interesting safety feature is the collision mitigating system. The system has three functions to ensure the safety of you and your family like:

  • Front monitoring
  • Audio warning of potential collisions
  • Automatic brakes when there may be a potential collision

As an added minivans benefit, the second-row seats are configurable for storage and has walkable aisles. If you are looking for luxury with a great price as low as $30,690, the Honda Odyssey will not disappoint.