Vehicle Detailing

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Car detailing is sometimes referred to as cleaning, but this greatly undersells how much work goes into detailing. Making your car clean is part of the detailing process, but the service focuses more on restoring your car to brand new condition. Another major difference between standard cleaning services and detailing is employee involvement. Standard car cleaning is usually done with an automated system, such as a car wash. Car detailing is always performed on hand, and focuses on restoring both the interior and exterior. A professional detailer knows advanced techniques and uses high quality products to restore your car. There are a couple of different services normally used in detailing. Some detailers offer package deals which include a set number of services, while others charge a flat rate for each individual service.

Benefits of Car Detailing

Car detailing is not solely about making your car look better. There are several practical benefits to detailing your car. The first benefit is an extended lifespan for your car. Part of the restoration process involves getting rid of any contaminations on your car, which gradually cause damage over time. You can think of car detailing as a check up for your vehicle.

Not only are harmful materials removed from your vehicle, but a coat of wax is applied over your paint. This provides additional protection against debris, dust and dirt. These dirt particles can get under the hood of your car and cause engine issues. These issues are minor over all, but will continue to do damage over time and eventually lead to more severe issues. Removing dirt and dust from your windows also ensures a safer ride overall, since you have a clearer view of the road.

In addition to improving your overall performance, detailing your car greatly extends the resale value. Getting a fair value for a used car is difficult, but the better it performs, and the newer it looks, the more you can get for it. It is fairly common for sellers to get their car detailed before an appraisal to get the best possible value.

Interior Car Detailing

Cleaning the interior of a car normally takes longer than the exterior. Detailing the interior of a car starts with a vacuuming. Vacuuming during a detailing is much more thorough than a traditional car cleaning. Detailers go over the seats, headliners, trunk and rear cargo area. Floor mats are removed from the car and individually vacuumed, cleaning both the top and bottom of the mat. Removing the mat also ensures the space underneath is not overlooked in the vacuuming.

Next comes brushing and steam cleaning for the carpets and the mats. This removes any stains or blemishes that have gathered along the interior of your vehicle. All the glass surfaces are wiped down next. Once the glass is cleaned, the detailers move on to leather trimming. Detailers use a variety of soaps on the interior of your vehicle, employ special conditioners based on the exact type of leather.

The final step is to give the interior another onceover with the vacuum and brush. This guarantees no spot is missed, as well as accounting for any possible marks left by the detailers. Part of this final step also involves spraying a deodorant along the interior of the vehicle, giving it a fresh scent.

Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior car detailing is shorter than the interior restoration, but it still involves a thorough process. The first step is to clean the exterior of the car, using a specialized high-powered spray. After the spray, detailers go over the harder to reach parts of your vehicle, including the rims, door jambs and any glass surfaces.

The next step is known as claying. Detailers go over your vehicle with a clay bar, which gets rid of any impurities along the surface. The clay also absorbs the water from the spray. Once your car is dry, detailers polish and seal the vehicle. Detailers will either use a sealant or wax, depending on your vehicle.

Some detailers also offer additional detailing services, such as engine detailing or headlight polishing. If there is any damage, detailers may also offer to repair chipped glass or touch up your paint.

Mobile Detailing Services

Normally, you must bring your vehicle to a detailer to get it restored. There are some companies that offer mobile detailing services, which means the detailer brings all of the supplies directly to your home to restore your vehicle. More detailers are offering mobile services in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, so even in smaller areas, you should be able to find a detailer offering mobile services.

Cost of Car Detailing

Car detailing sounds like an expensive process because of the number of services offered, but it is fairly inexpensive. The price can vary depending on the company and whether you want additional services, but on average it costs between $75 to $125 for basic detailing. If you want a higher end, more thorough package, the price may increase from $125 to $200. The size of your vehicle can also change the price, with SUVs and other large vehicles typically costing an additional $25 to $50. There may also be an additional service charge if you opt for mobile cleaning, but this is normally a small fee.