Handicap Vans

Handicap vehicles can be purchased used or new; renting or purchasing. Learn your options!

Vehicles for the Handicap

There are significant reasons for purchasing handicap vans. If you have duties of driving a handicapped person from location to locate the best way to do this is by using handicap vans. A handicap vans can be built in many sizes carrying as many as 4-6 passengers. Handicap vehicles have at least entrance where a handicapped person can enter, specifically a wheelchair. The side entrance to handicap vans had a lift as well as the rear entrance also.

If will be using handicap vans for a short time it is better to look into renting; otherwise, handicap vans can be purchased from many vendors who can customize handicap vehicles. The best companies for designing handicap vans are those that customize handicap vans for schools and public transportation. Some of the best companies that design handicap vehicles are mobility works, brand-ability, immobility, or AMS vans. Otherwise, these same companies that manufacture handicap vans also have used handicap vans for sale. United Access and Mobility Works both have handicap vehicles for short term use.

Lifts and Gates

Handicap vehicles are fitted, following government regulations with certain kinds of gates, lists, doors, and locks that allow the handicapped person to remain immobile during movement. The best companies that manufacture these kinds of emergency vehicles usually fit the vehicle out according to government regulations and need to pass safety examinations before being released on the road for service. Whether the emergency van is for rent or used each year the vehicle has to undergo a state inspection to be used for public transportation. Having all the inspections done are a requirement for anyone wishing to sell the handicapped vehicle.

Best Companies

The best companies for handicap vehicle manufacturing are those that have large contracts for cities and metropolitan areas. It is not only a handicap vehicle that has handicap lifts but also many community buses have built-in lights for handicap persons, which allows handicap person to freely use public transportation to get around. The best companies that design small handicap vehicles are those that design for use at airports or tourist destinations.

New, Used or Rent

If you are considering renting a handicap van the going rate for renting in most parts of the country is $130 per day, but that can be dropped to $90 per day if the van is rented per month or longer. Some vehicles sell anywhere from $700 - 1,500 at the lowest.  If you are considering renting a handicap van for a season or a vacation it will be less expensive than buying a handicap van and then reselling it. Though there is normally a cancellation fee if you choose to rental-lease a handicap van and cancel less than 24 hours in advance.

With all of these options before you sometimes it is not as easy to get the best prices, but by calling ahead to what location of the country you will be traveling you can find the best companies with the best prices so that whether you end up renting a used handicap van or just renting a handicap van from an established business you will reap the rewards of having a safe and secure place to travel on your vacation or holiday.