Cremation Prices

How much does cremation cost? Browse average cremation prices & amazing services near you!

Cremation is when your body is burnt and turned to ashes. Your family can then purchase something to put you in called an urn, and they can either keep it with them always or they can scatter you in your favorite spot.

Benefits of Cremation vs. Funeral Costs

That's a major difference. Burial is usually most people’s final goodbye, but cremation is becoming just as popular. It’s cheaper, not as much goes into planning it, and your family can decide what they want to do with you. Some people find comfort in having their loved ones cremated and still being able to be with them. Many people will put their loved ones on a shelf and make a shrine to the person. Others find comfort in scattering the person at their favorite spots such as a river or a lake. Cremation services near you such as Omega Society provide great rates!

Cremated ashes are also considered cleaner than the regular burial. It has been said that before too long we will actually run out of land to bury our dead. Then we will all have to be cremated. So, you can actually help out the environment by being cremated as well. People take a lot of pride in their dead and being cremated can help you help the environment, make the cost of putting you away from less expensive for your loved ones and give them the option of keeping you or scattering you in your favorite spot. The cost to cremate someone is around $4,000, while the cost to bury someone is about $12,000. Funerals today are just expensive, and the costs to put you away are just as bad. Instead of being buried, cremation is the cheapest option available. 

Average Cremation Prices

Death is just a part of life and we all will one day have to face it. You have two options on what happens to your body, you can either be buried or you can be cremated. Being cremated allows you so many freedoms and it also is less expensive to put you away. You can help make death less of a burden by being cremated and letting your loved ones do as they please with you.

Being cremated is the least expensive and often provides the grieving family with less stress. The funeral home will take good care of you and be sure to treat you and your loved ones with great respect and care. Your body will be burned until you are nothing but a skeleton and then your bones will be crushed into a fine powder and given to your loved ones. Your time to go beyond this Earth gets closer every minute of every day. It is your choice and yours alone as to what happens to your body after you die. Find cremation services near you!