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You're probably quite familiar with the material commonly referred to as plexiglass. This acrylic synthetic material, first produced in 1843, is now utilized for various purposes, from the "glass" you see at hockey games, to things like retail displays. But now, as we enter an era of "new normal," plexiglass is being used to keep people safe from airborne disease.

The New Normal

As the country continues to return back to some sense of normalcy, you are no doubt seeing plexiglass dividers at checkouts and other areas of retail where customers and employees should keep space between each other. While plexiglass dividers won't block 100% of the transmission of airborne diseases, the safety measure will create an additional obstacle for aerosol droplets from things like sneezes and coughs.

While sneeze guards have been commonplace in different self-serve situations in restaurants and buffets, the same concept is being applied to create barriers between employees and customers, and anyone who owns a business that works face to face with the public should consider utilizing them in their own company.

You Can Easily Order Online

Plexiglass providers are easily found with a simple online search, and you can generally find both national and local suppliers who will aid you in choosing the best option. Many manufacturers have actually shifted production to make acrylic sheets a primary output with increased demand for the material. This acrylic material is much more durable than glass, making it a great long term solution, yet also more easy to customize to fit specific needs. Before you reach out to a plexiglass provider, you should measure the space you need to shield, and also determine if you need completely transparent acrylic, or something with a color tint to it.

Keeping Plexiglass Clean is Easy

Because of the hard surface created by plexiglass, it is also an incredibly easy material to clean and maintain. In most cases, simple soapy water will do the trick; if a piece of plexiglass has more of a greasy smudge to it, you may need to purchase acrylic cleaner eventually. Also, proper cleaning hygiene should be observed for frequently touched surfaces, as recommended by the CDC.

Luckily, because it is a material that has been around for a very long time, the production cost of acrylic sheets is very affordable. Plexiglass prices can vary based on:

  • Thickness
  • Finish
  • And cut size

However if you're searching for an option for a checkout counter, options can be found with a cost between $50-$100 per sheet. Obviously, you'll need to purchase as many sheets as you have stations that customers use, however the benefit is well worth the investment, to keep your employees and customers safe. And because plexiglass is so much more shatter-proof than glass, it's an investment that should last a very long time. Reach out to your plexiglass providers of choice, and request quotes to receive your best options for plexiglass prices.

Consider the sense of safety and care that your customers will feel, knowing you're doing your part to protect their health. It's an investment that will pay both short-term and long-term benefits.