Affordable Dentures

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Even cheap dentures can provide appearance and health benefits. In addition to making eating easier, communicating may be clearer with dentures. Individuals who invest in dentures may also feel more confident with a restored smile. Learn more about getting dentures including the costs, process and recovery.

Affordable Dentures

Dental denture offices provide patients with dentures to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable unlike dental implants, which require surgery. There are several different types of dentures including:

  • Immediate, which are the temporary dentures patients receive while healing
  • Conventional, which are full-set that covers the patient’s gums after extraction of former teeth
  • Overdenture, which are partial sets that assimilate and attach to existing natural teeth to replace select missing teeth
  • Even cheap dentures are custom-made for each individual. Dentists will measure, usually through jaw molds, to ensure the fit is precise. However, jaws with extracted teeth can reshape while healing, which can cause temporary dentures to become loose or uncomfortable. 

Some dental denture offices offer products made in different materials, such as acrylic, flexible acrylic, and cast metal. Acrylic is a type of plastic that is moldable, and flexible acrylic is a softer version. Cast metal has a metal framework and uses clasps to remain in place. These different denture types will influence denture prices. 

The Process of Getting Dentures

While dentists may recommend dentures, patients may also request them. Dental denture offices will schedule dental services, such as extractions, in addition to the impressions appointment. This is because a dentist must complete dental preparations prior to making a mold of the patient’s jaw and remaining teeth.

Many dental denture offices have in-office dental labs that can create temporary dentures on the same day as the fitting. Likewise, offices may be able to complete any adjustments or repairs at the initial fitting or later. For instance, the dental staff should check in with patients after a few weeks following dental preparations to ensure fittings. Dentures may need realigning or a new base.

Dentures can feel awkward at first and even uncomfortable following a tooth extraction, especially when eating, drinking, or speaking. However, patients often begin to adjust within a few weeks. First-time denture users should follow their dentist’s instructions on after-care and denture maintenance.

Denture Prices

A complete set of dental dentures can cost just a few hundred to thousands for just one plate. The cost of dentures will vary considerably due to several factors including:

  • Having dental insurance
  • Needing upper or lower partials or a full set
  • Prior dental services
  • Subsequent appointments
  • Temporary dentures
  • Type of denture
  • The quality

Cast metal dentures are more affordable than acrylic, and partials are less than full sets. A reasonable price for the best affordable dentures is between $299 and $1,500 a set.

Cheap dentures can reflect their price by looking less natural than costlier sets. A cheap set may use a material that is lower quality and, therefore, may not last as long. On the high end, a full set of dentures can cost as much as $10,000. These dentures often appear to be real teeth. Expensive dentures may come with extended warranties or have maintenance included in the price.

Getting Dental Denture Coverage Plans

Depending on specific plans, dental insurance may cover denture preparation services, such as extractions and office administration fees. Plans may also cover a portion, like 50 percent of denture prices under restorative coverage. Affordable dentures can be found near you if a dental plan is not in your options.

Patients interested in dental plans without annual limitations can check out Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMO) and Discount Dental plans from the following insurers:

  • Delta Dental offers DeltaCare USA, a DHMO plan, that allows policyholders to select a network dentist to provide services at a discounted price.
  • Cigna Dental’s DHMO plan does not have an annual maximum or deductibles, waiting periods, and claim forms. 
  • Aethna’s Vital Savings dental plans are only available in select states and as part of group plans but are very affordable. 
  • Humana One Dental Value Plan completely covers routine visits like cleanings and checkups while offering a 25 percent discount for other services.

Aging populations should consider obtaining dental savings plans, as some dental insurance does not provide denture coverage or has a spending cap of just a couple of thousands. A dental saving plan, however, allows individuals to save for denture prices.