Meals Delivered to Your Door

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Considering these statistics, it is no secret as to why senior meal delivery services have increasingly become more popular. Senior meal deliveries lookout for the health and safety of seniors. Here are some of the main benefits of senior meal deliveries and how to choose the best services.

Why People Are Choosing Meal Delivery Services

As seniors age, preparing food can become more and more challenging. When this occurs, many seniors resort to poor eating habits, such as packaged meats, or they just don't eat at all and skip vital meals and nourishment. Senior delivery services is a way to ensure that your loved one is getting the nutrition they need and not suffering in silence.

For some seniors lacking optimum health, it can be very hazardous for them to have to make grocery store trips, carrying burdensome groceries, or even standing over a hot stove to prepare the meal, or having to use a sharp nice to chop up ingredients. Ordering a senior meal delivery service for your loved one will give them one less thing to worry about, lifting the weight and allowing them to spend time doing something they would much more enjoy. It is also a good treat to make them feel pampered, especially if they’ve been working hard, in service of others, most of their lives.

Your senior loved one may have specific dietary needs. They may be diabetic or require a low-sodium diet. Senior meal deliveries offer an affordable remedy to all of these roadblocks that could hinder the senior in your life from getting the nourishment they so desperately need. Silver Cuisine is one of the best services. Some services are at only $1/day.

More Than Delicious Meals

If you choose a quality delivery company, not only will the food be fresh, sporting a nice presentation, and potentially some of the best food your senior has ever eaten, but some of these services also come with a side of companionship. Many seniors site loneliness as a big issue. Therefore, the friendly interaction they receive upon delivery can really go further than the nourishment of a meal, in a lot of ways.

Top Senior Meal Delivery Service Options

Perhaps the most well-known is Meals on Wheels. They offer variety including over 5,000 nutritional programs, depending on your loved one’s diet. In some cases, they even offer custom menus. They can deliver these meals directly to your senior’s home or to a local facility. Meals on Wheels prides itself on being convenient and affordable.

Up next we have a service called Personal Chef to Go. They are known for following the America Heart Association’s standards in the preparation of their lunch and dinner meals. They can cater the meal to certain taste preferences, like Asian, Mediterranean, or Latin flavors, and also design meals fitted to certain lifestyle choices. They deliver weekly or bi-weekly. This is another affordable option, even giving you the option to start with their five-meal sampler.

Top Chef Meals was started by a caterer, and they provide well-balanced, affordable meals for seniors. With Top Chef Meals, you can customize meals, going heavier on the protein, vegetables, or sides, depending on specific dietary needs. For $1 more you can get an additional portion, about half the size of the original portion, of almost anything. This service averages less than $10 per meal, with larger portion sizes than many other senior meal delivery services. They also boast a varied breakfast menu. The meals are shipped frozen, in microwavable trays, to your senior’s door.

With Babeth’s Feast, you can create limitless number of meal options, or even just get their entrees, creating your own sides. With Babeth’s Feast, you can easily and inexpensively fill your freezer to the brim with options galore. Their meals sizes are large. In fact, many have found that their seniors are unable to eat the whole meal in one sitting, and one meal can often turn into two satisfying meals. Meals average around $11-$12, but they are often running deals on their website. Shipping is very inexpensive. You can ship nationwide for $15. Their meals also have above-average packaging.

If you have an aging loved one, who may in some way be hindered in their ability to prepare the multiple daily meals they need, to prevent malnourishment and other safety hazards from knives, hot stoves, and grocery weight, you should consider senior meal delivery services.