Best Way to Learn a Language

Browse the best language programs & apps! Some services are free. Get started!

Are you interested in learning another language? You surely have more time on your hands. You can learn Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian & more. Just to name a few. There are over 100+ languages you may choose from. There are many benefits from learning a new language. Not only does learning a new language help with cognitive gain, but also for possible career prospects. Research has shown that learning a new language may help you sharpen your long-term & short-term memory.

Take advantage of the extra time you have right, & add to your skills!

Learn a New Language in Just Weeks!

So, how should you go about doing this? Well, there a plenty of options. There are programs you can purchase online, as well as apps. Finding the right fit is very important. Find a program that has the language you would like to learn, as well as customized programs. Not all apps and software programs are priced the same. There are language software that costs $200+, and there some free services like Duolingo. You can learn a new language as little as three weeks. Choose between 100+ languages. There are three main types of learning platforms: audio-based, interactive & virtual.

It never has been easier to learn any language. Gone are the days of flashcards and a classroom. Your phone or computer is all you need! There are also free language learning services out there. Despite that, they have minimal features compared to the top tier companies.

Prices will vary for each software & app. We can help narrow down the best services for you:

1. Rosetta Stone - One of the most trusted language software programs by top companies. Rosetta Stone has been the staple of language learning software. It has won "Best Language Learning Software" 7 years in a row.

2. Babbel - This company is great because it teaches you at your own pace. The services can be provided in an app, making learning mobile & convenient. Learn on the go!

3. Fluenz - This service is for serious learners. This program can be accessed by app & computer. Interactive games make learning fun! Discover what Fluenz has to offer.

4. Rocket Languages - This online program offers great prices compared to its competitors. Each learning level is 120 hours. It is offered on mobile app. Browse this great software!

5. Transparent Language - This program, like most, is offered on multiple platforms. It is also one of the more affordable language softwares out there. As low as $24.95 per month. 100+ languages and flexible courses. Learn more!

6. Pimsleur - this program follows the Pimsluer Method. It was established over 50 years ago. This company is currently offering $100 off when you sign up. Learn more!

7. Yabla - This program offers a unique virtual experience where visual examples of speech is provided. This will be keep users engaged. Yabla is also affordable and easily available on mobile.