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Sending your child to preschool is an exciting, important and even frightening time. Watching your child grow and gain independence instills pride in you as a parent. Watching him or her walk into a new building for the first time might also be scary, whether the build is a preschool, childcare center or both. You know your child’s education is important, so how do you find the best preschools and childcare services near you?

Various convenient methods for finding the best preschools near you are available today. What do preschools teach kids? Preschools essentially teach pre-skills to children using music, crafts and projects. Conceptual preschool learning also teaches emotional, physical and social skills. Read an informative guide on finding the best preschools and childcare services near you in 2021.

What Do Preschools Teach My Child?

You understand your child’s education is important so you want to find the best preschools and childcare services near you. Watching your child walk into a new building to begin his or her educational journey is exciting. What do preschools teach my child?

Preschools teach your child pre-skills using a combination of conceptual and tradition learning methods. Music, arts, playtime, crafts, group projects and more are all part of the learning process. Conceptual learning begins to build emotional, social and interactive skills in your child. Conceptual learning also teaches basic subjects such as reading, drawing and counting through group and individual activities. Exercise in various forms helps develop physical skills and strength. Traditional learning curriculums, while scaled down accordingly to an age-appropriate level of complexity are also used to teach counting, reading and speaking skills. 

Preschools & Childcare Services

Preschools and childcare services are sometimes combined in one program and facility. This is not always the case, however. What are the similarities and differences between preschools and childcare services?

Preschools serve as educational conduits to a child’s kindergarten and future learning years. Preschools focus on conceptual and traditional education through various methods. While your child is fed and otherwise looked after for a set amount of hours each day, the emphasis is on learning as opposed to the provision of basic childcares services. 

Childcare services, which are also referred to as daycares, serve the primary function of babysitting your child during set hours of each applicable day. Some daycare centers also provide some education, but not all do.

Available hours for preschool and childcare services are similar in many areas of the country. Preschools are attended for several hours, two to five business days each week. Childcare services and preschools are both commonly open during the same days and times, although daycare centers are also occasionally open on weekends. 

My Child’s Preschool - Skills & Benefits

The skills your child learns in preschool are invaluable for his or her continued learning at a higher level. The primary mission of a preschool involves the training and preparation for a child’s upcoming kindergarten experience. STEMS, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math, is a curriculum program used by many quality preschools around the country. The STEMS curriculum emphasizes innovation, forward thinking and the connection of various skills/concepts in important educational and social environments.

Preschools essentially teach pre-skills and create an overall educational foundation for the future. Preschool teaches communication skills necessary to deal with other children and adults. Preschools also teach diversity and social interactivity skills. Social-emotional foundations are built. Inter and Intra-personal skills are also taught in preschools, giving your child more self-confidence to move forward to his or her next level of education. Additional skills and benefits of your child attending preschool include:

  • Learning basic counting & speaking skills.

  • Understanding structure & routine.

  • Learning how to share & act in a group environment.

  • Acclimating to student-teacher interactions.

  • Learning diversity, compassion and human-interaction among peers.

Average Prices for Preschools Near Me

Preschool prices vary greatly based on numerous factors around the country and in your area. National average prices for U.S. preschools range between approximately $4,000 and $14,000 per year. Studies from both the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment  and the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) yield similar albeit slightly different results. The CSCCE study shows a significantly higher tuition ceiling of approximately $19,000 per year. Factors impacting the prices of preschools near you include the state in which you live, type of curriculum taught and whether or not your child’s preschool is publicly or privately -facilitated. 

Government Preschool Programs for Low Income Families

Government preschool assistance programs for low-income families exist today. Head Start & Early Head Start are two such popular programs. Head Start is designed for low-income families with children five years old and up. Early Head Start programs are applicable to low-income families with children who are preschool age. Families enrolled in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs are generally eligible for Head Start/Early Head Start assistance. The Head Start/Early Head Start programs also serve homeless children and children living in foster care.

Other government preschool assistance programs for low-income families are also available. State-funded, military-based, financial assistance and other resources help pay for preschool costs for qualifying families. Some more programs and resources for government preschool assistance programs include and the U.S. Department of Education

Resources for Finding the Best Preschools Near You

Finding preschools in your area is easy to do in modern times. Google and Yelp both provide credible search engines for finding quality preschools in your area. The Head Start/Early Head Start websites also provide helpful resources for finding preschools. Private organizations also have websites designed specifically to help you find the best preschools near you. Such organizations include: