Best Investing Apps for Beginners

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Learning to invest as a beginner requires guidance and a familiar, easy platform. Easy investing apps for beginners are perfect tools to use when beginning to plan your financial future through investing. Which easy investing apps are the best for 2021? What are the most common platforms used by investing apps? The best investing apps make investing interesting and easy for beginners and experienced investors alike. Only certain investment apps are structured for new investors, however. Read on for tips on the best easy investing apps for beginners heading in 2021.

Modern Investing Platforms for Beginners

Investing requirements are much different in modern times than previously experienced by beginning investors. Similar to most apps, every new client is required to have an account with the company running the app. Initial deposits are still required but minimum amounts vary from app to app due to the widespread implementation of micro-investing among new investment companies due to its popularity with Millenials. Many easy investing apps also removed their trading fees to further increase the appeal of the investing experience for new users.

The best easy investing apps for beginners are also available for the most common and popular types of smart devices. Apple and Android are the main app and smart phone/device distributers in the world. The best easy investing apps for beginners are available on all smart devices running Apple or Android systems. They are also downloadable for Apple iOS via the Apple Store or for Android via the Google Play Store

The Convenience of Micro-Investing 101

The basic concept of micro-investing has been around since the concept of saving money by saving away a little at a time at every feasible opportunity. It is the modernized concept of the change jar, albeit with high-tech tracking and accounting features including automatic deposits. Its surging popularity has a lot to do with the significant convenience of said automation. For example, purchasing a new set of headphones for $104.56 automatically rounds your purchase up to $105 even, depositing the $0.44 difference into your investment account. Preferences are set to control how far each transaction is rounded up. They are also set based on a variety of transactions made from debit/credit cards, bank accounts and more. This allows you as a new investor to control your investing environment and earn money in the background while your busy life moves forward. 

The Best Easy Investing Apps for Beginners in 2021

While many investing apps exist, some are designed for more experienced, high-earning investors. Easy investing apps suited for beginners make the new investing process simple, fun and convenient. The best easy investing apps for beginners in 2021 are:

  1. SoFi

  2. Acorns

  3. Robinhood

  4. Betterment

  5. Stash

1. SoFi Active Investing

The SoFi Active Investing app is one of the best available on iOS and Android systems. It runs a simple platform, which runs on all smart devices. Managed portfolio products are fee-free and the minimum investment is only one dollar. Browsing appealing investment choices is organized and convenient. SoFi also offers free financial planning sessions, making it a strong choice for beginners. Additional reasons the SoFi Active Investing app is one of the best available include:

  • No fees or account minimums.

  • Customer service runs seven days a week.

  • Family investing is encouraged.

  • Fractional shares and cryptocurrency supported.

2. Acorns

The Acorns investing app provides some of the highest security encryption available. It also boasts a specific ability to help make your money grow. There are affordable pricing plans available ranging from $1 to $5 per month. Acorns is also partnered with over three hundred different companies all willing to micro-deposit a percentage of your applicable purchases into your Acorns account for investment purposes. Acorns also provides automated investment and retirement guidance for beginners and experienced investors alike. The Acorns app is conveniently available for both iOS and Android devices.

3. Robinhood

The Robinhood investing app available for iOS and Android systems is a perfect app for beginning investors with a small degree of experience. Unlike some other beginner investing apps, Robinhood does not provide guidance pursuant to investing strategies. No minimum balance is required, however. The user interface is not complicated. Fractional shares are permitted and no fees or commissions are charged. Additional features and benefits of the Robinhood app include Bitcoin trading support and a premium Robinhood Gold subscription for an affordable $5/month fee after a thirty-day free trial. Robinhood Gold provides investment research, data and margin trading with investment money borrowed directly from Robinhood and payable back to Robinhood with interest. Robinhood also gives away one free stock to every new customer.

4. Betterment

The Betterment investing app is another great choice for beginner investors. Available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, this app requires no minimum investment amount and offers a low, affordable annual account management fee of .25 percent. The interface is user friendly and loaded with convenient smart tools. These smart tools are capable of handling investment decisions for you based on preset preferences. The robo-advisers also function according to pre-established goals. Those goals include building retirement funds, purchasing homes, creating a wedding /college fund and more. Betterment also uses rebalancing and automatic tax-loss harvesting functions. People with $100,000 or more in their accounts have the option to sign up for a Betterment Premium account, which provides free support and guidance from human investment advisers albeit at a .40 percent annual account management fee.

5. Stash

The Stash investment app is also available for iOS and Android. Investing starts from $1 and up. Plentiful micro-investing opportunities are presented. The Stash customer service team, which is available seven days a week, provides app functionality and investing guidance to its users. Stash requires no minimum account balance to join but does charge an annual 0.23 percent ETF and between $1 and $9 per month based on the type of account held. The appeal of Stash’s highly regarded customer service team, its ease of use and plethora of micro-investing options makes Stash highly popular among beginner investors.

Ally Invest (Best Overall Runner-Up)

The Ally Invest investing app is another great choice for beginner investors. The platform is user friendly and direct. ETF and stock trades are both commission-free. 8,000+ mutual fund trades are also offered albeit at a $9.95 commission charge. Ally Invest charges no recurring fees. No minimum account balance is required. Outgoing transfer fees are $50, however. Free research is provided and the Ally Invest customer service is highly rated. The Ally Invest investing app platform is easy for beginners, while also being a straightforward platform for advanced investors engaged in forex trading and more.