Save More Money in 7 Simple Ways!

Small expenses add up, especially during this unfortunate time. Small financial changes can make a huge difference! Learn about 7 simple ways you can save more money. 

1. Refinance Current Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage may easily be one of the best money saving options during this current climate. With a mortgage refinance, you apply for a new home loan and pay off your original mortgage with the borrowed funds. An improved credit score & low mortgage rates are common reasons for refinancing. However, possibly refinancing your mortgage never seemed more important. If you decide to go through with this process, you will find that there are numerous companies and lenders that will work with you. It's easy to get rates online. Browse the best mortgage refinance companies and how they can help with your new home loan!

2. Sell Your Vehicle

If you have multiple vehicles and need more money, consider selling a vehicle that is rarely in use. This will bring savings and more cash instantly. No matter the condition, selling a vehicle can bring in thousands. Who's driving much as of late anyways? For first time car sellers, finding the right price can be tricky. There are many resources out there that can put a price to your vehicle. Car value services are easily the most handy & they are usually quick. These car value services are meant to be a guide rather than a hard-pressed appraisal. Local dealerships or private buyers may not pay the amount valued on these sites for various reasons that algorithms cannot calculate, such as need, desire and availability. See what your car is worth!

3. Cancel Monthly App Fees

We likely have recurring fees for many apps & games on our phones. Each app & services likely cost $3-10 each. But at this time, minimizing every single bill is key to adding more to savings. If you have more than 10+ apps that have monthly costs, you may easily save $50+ after cancelling. Save more by downloading free apps & games instead. There are multiple apps that are free & provide just as good as a service. For example, the top sleep evaluation cost roughly $5 per month. They're always featured at the top of the download list, so consumers are likely to download & pay the monthly fees. Unbeknownst to most consumers, there are free apps that provide similar services. Discover free apps & games that will save you monthly costs!

4. Save Money by Cooking at Home

Saving money on food has never been so important! The average American spends up to $3,300 a year on eating out. It's much more when you have a family! It really adds up. There are ways around spending so much. First, you may go grocery shopping. Going to the grocery store takes away the added labor costs that restaurants usually add to their prices. Cooking at home using easy recipes will help save! If cooking is not your forte, there are free apps & websites that provide excellent & simple recipes. Another alternative, if you cannot leave the house, are having meals or groceries delivered to your door! Some grocery & meal delivery services are currently waiving extra fees during this time. Browse best free recipes, grocery & meal delivery for you!

5. Refinance Current Auto Loan

Refinancing your current car loan might sound like a good idea, especially if you are going to struggle the next few months. Having this optio allows you to save and obtain a new loan with improved terms. Normally, refinancing your car loan may be costly if you do not meet the requirements. Fortunately, during this time, most companies are willing to work with you & give you more room to save! One of the very few benefits of this current climate. For example, if you have an interest rate of 8%, you may lower it down to 5% after refinancing. Lower interest rates will help lessen the financial burden. Just like everything else, looking to cut back in every aspect of your financial liabilities will go a long way. It all adds up, so make it easier! Find the best refinance rates for you!

6. Reduce Credit Card Interest Rate

Credit cards can be beneficial to your finances. Well, if managed the right way. Many credit cards have rewards & cash back options. All good, if you know what you're doing. If you have accumulated credit card debt and have a high interest rate, consider negotiating for a lower interest rate. I know! Sounds intimidating. You never know if you do not try. So how should you negotiate? First of all, check your credit score. If it's decent, work on getting your score higher. Secondly, check the current situation you are in. Since the future of the economy is looking dire, looking to lower your credit card rate is smart. Don't be afraid to negotiate with your credit card company! There are many services that provide this. Check out ways to reduce your credit card interest rate.

7. Stay Fit With Home Workouts

Staying healthy is very important for everyone! Staying home & not being mobile will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. So what are your options? At home workouts! They save money, and are easily accessible. Gym memberships may cost anywhere from $20 to $100+ per month. Some yoga studios charge up to $200 per month! Yikes. Hopefully your gym was able to waive & pause your membership fees during the meantime. If not, cancelling your membership would be the right move for you. There are plenty of free work out programs available. There are apps, online videos, printable workouts, etc. Endless of options. In most cases, streamed workouts from home tend to be a great to keep yourself healthy during this time! Your either going come out of this healthy or very unhealthy. Do not take your health for granted during this time. Save money & find the best workout options for you!