Hawaii Retirement Communities

Retirement communities in Hawaii are great options if you want to spend your golden years in a tropical paradise. Whether you are considering senior apartments in Honolulu or one of the other islands, the Aloha State provides multiple benefits.

As a retiree, you can spend your days wherever you want. If you are debating where is the best place to retire, then check out the below information on why Hawaii is becoming a popular choice. 

Why Retirees Consider Senior Communities in Hawaii

More and more seniors are choosing retirement communities in HI. In fact, there is a higher population of residents older than 65 years of age in Hawaii than on the mainland.

Island Paradise Without Leaving the Country

One of the main reasons that senior communities in Hawaii are popular is because they allow retirees to enjoy a vacation lifestyle without leaving the United States. Retiring abroad is a fantastic concept but there can be drastic drawbacks.

For example, seniors can only make use of programs like Medicare at facilities within the country. As a result, the practice of retiring to a place that feels like a whole new world but still retains the benefits retirees have earned is more practical. 

Similarly, it is easier for families to visit loved ones in senior apartments in Honolulu than it is to visit them in foreign countries. Children and grandchildren may also be more inclined to visit when living in a utopia.

Living in Hawaii is also simpler than learning a new language for daily interactions with locals. 


Known as the Paradise of the Pacific, the state of Hawaii is also a tax paradise for retiring seniors. This includes property taxes in certain counties, which also vary by the residents’ age, as older seniors qualify for larger amounts exempted. 

Residents in senior communities in Hawaii can also receive tax exemptions on prescription drugs and prostheses.

Along with Social Security benefits and pensions, the state waives select sources of income. Residents are exempt from paying taxes on income from:

  • Private retirement plans
  • Government retirement plans
  • Military retirement plans
Residents in retirement communities that still plan to work can also count on tax benefits. For example, annual income, up to $2,400 for individual filers or $4,800 for married couples, is only 1.4 percent. 

The tax rate for income surpassing these amounts is 5.96 and 7.13 percent for single and joint filers respectfully. However, the tax rates do increase for high earners with incomes of more than $200,000 or $400,000.  

Affordable Health Care

In addition to beautiful views of beaches from senior apartments in Honolulu, residents can also receive beautifully inexpensive medical costs. Health care on the islands is 11.4 percent less than the national average. 

While this might partially be due to the healthy island lifestyle, the state’s health care system is ranked as one of the most efficient in the country. 

What to Know About Senior Apartments in Honolulu

Of all the islands, Oahu offers the most retirement communities for residents older than 55 years of age. Honolulu specifically has many housing choices from which to choose including: 

  • Age-restricted active adult communities. These types of housing require at least one resident to be 55 years of age or older. 
  • Leisure communities. While there is no age restriction for these types of retirement communities, they offer many amenities designed for those with more recreational time.  
  • Independent living communities. In addition to housing, these communities have additional services for seniors, such as meals, housekeeping and transportation. 
  • Continuing care retirement communities. These facilities have services that increase with the resident’s needs. For instance, a resident may live independently initially and then require more care as time passes. 
Depending on your level of need and living preferences, one or more of the above options may be best for you. 

Retirement Communities in Hawaii

Some of the best senior communities in Hawaii include the following:

  • Diversity of housing types such as standalone homes, condominiums and apartment units
  • Resort living and luxury amenities
  • Golf courses, swimming pools and barbecue areas
  • Beach and mountain views
  • Recreational center and planned group activities
Senior apartments in Honolulu, as well as other housing types, have the additional benefit of being filled with similarly aged residents. Unlike communities without age restrictions, residents in retirement villages do not have to worry about loud children, rambunctious teenagers and party-crazy 20- and 30-somethings.