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Need new or replacement windows? Get best prices near you!

There are practical, economical, and aesthetic reasons for replacing your windows. New windows are capable of positively transforming the image of your home. They can make your home feel fresh and new by letting in more sunshine and moonlight. Full frame replacement services also replace old interior and exterior trim with better-looking and higher-quality materials. The combination of more light and better-quality trim not only enhances the look of your home, but also increases its energy efficiency.

Winter and summer months often result in increased AC and heating bills, respectively. Replacing your windows before the harsher season's peak saves money in the long run. It also increases the value of your home overall. Free installation is offered by a few companies. It's best to take advantage of regional sales. 

How much do window replacement and installation services cost? Everyone wants a deal. Many top window replacement brands and services run sales and specials all year long. There are also better months to spend on window installation than others. Knowing what to look for and how to find those deals are two important early steps toward improving the look of your home and making it more energy efficient for years to come. Read on to learn more about window replacement, installation, finding great deals and more. 

Types of Window Replacement and Installation Services

There are two types of window replacement and installation services. Insert replacement is the most common installation service provided. This process inserts new glass into your current frame and allows for all original wood and trim to be kept. Gaps between the glass and trim can form during this type of procedure due to subtle differences in size/dimensions. Gaps can also form when wood is partially chipped during the removal of the windowpanes. It is not always necessary to replace the entire frame and trim, however. Caps, molding or smaller trim pieces are used to fill in applicable gaps. Insert replacement is popular because it is both faster and cheaper to do than full frame window replacements.

Full frame window replacement involves removing all glass and exterior/interior trim. This method is more energy efficient and also up-to 25 percent more expensive than insert replacement services. During a full frame window replacement all elements are removed to the point where studs and frames are exposed, and a hole remains in the wall until the job is completed. This procedure can look more like full-on construction but its end-result efficiency is often worth the endeavor. When studs and frames are exposed, rotted and/or otherwise damaged wood can be discovered and replaced. Insulation is usually installed as well to decrease airflow between indoors and out. The end result is a brand new windows installation capable of saving you money for years to come.

Best Time of Year for Window Replacement Deals

Getting the best deals for window replacement might involve both you and the installer feeling literally a little cold. This is because the best prices for installation services are likely to be offered in the winter months. Temperatures during the spring and summer months are ideal for indoor/outdoor work. Those months are therefore when contractors and service providers are busiest, allowing them to charge more per visit. Prices tend to go up around the beginning of each new year as well. Service providers assess their annual costs and expenses and raise prices in subsequent years to cover them accordingly. 

Getting the Best Results When Replacing Your Windows

Some times a window has to be replaced even if during peak months for higher service charges. Getting the best deal might not be an option when replacement and installation is urgent. Getting the best result is crucial, however, in order to maximize efficiency and eventual savings.

Different materials respond better under different weather conditions. For example, latex caulk is best applied when temperatures range between forty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Silicon, on the other hand, can handle lower temperatures. Caulk is fickle and will also potentially not respond properly in temperatures above eighty degrees. Aluminum and vinyl materials expand when hot and contract when cold. Temperatures too extreme in either direction can result in wood and caulk cracking, negating some of the benefits of the window replacement and costing you money. 

Best Deals, Brands and Services for Window Replacement

Some of the best brands and services for window replacement are household names. The Home Depot provides window installation services, as does Lowes. Anderson Windows is another popular replacement and installation service and might be even better known in the market due to its specialty skill sets. A few more of the best brands and services for window replacement include:

Average Prices of Window Replacements

The prices involved in window replacements vary based on materials used in addition to the size and types of windows being installed. They also vary based on the time of year the installation is performed and what a contractor charges for labor. Storm windows can be replaced for as little as $50. Bay and Bow windows can cost upwards of $4,500 not including labor.

There are also energy-efficient window replacements. Those can cost $300 to $1,000 per window. Custom requests and rare materials can add another 50 percent on top of the regular price. Labor can cost $40 per hour or $100 per window, but all these prices vary per contractor. Some companies have sales of up to 60% off inventory.

How Replacing Your Windows Can Save You Money

Replacing your windows can save you money by reducing your energy bills a potential average of 15 percent per year. It is unadvisable to attempt these jobs as DIY projects because specialized materials and skill sets are needed. Make sure to take advantage of a free consultation as offered by most professional services prior to starting each job. The main purpose of replacing your windows is to save you money. Spending more money than will be saved negates all financial benefits. The best brands and services will help guide you through the decision making process to get the best results for your home and wallet.

Benefits of Newer Windows

Feeling good about your home is important. Feeling good in your home is equally so. The benefits of installing newer windows range from visual to comfort to economical. Newer windows simply make your home look better. This provides a sense of comfort mentally, and also literally. Newer windows help protect the inside of your home from harsher temperatures. Window installation can be expensive, but not as expensive as over-exerting your HVAC system because air is leaking straight through your window frames to the outside. The cost to benefit ratio of installing newer windows is  weighted in your favor when done correctly.