Weather Mat Clearance

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All-weather floor mats protect the carpet in your vehicle and save you money, all the while improving the interior appearance of your automobile. Top brands and popular retailers help you locate the perfect match for your needs, including the correct size, durability, and best-suited styles. Countless all-weather floor mats are available from multiple sources, so how do you find the best mats for your car, truck, SUV, or van today?

Price ranges for all-weather floor mats vary based on dealer, type of vehicle, gauge (thickness), and materials used when manufactured. Additional benefits are also experienced when using all-weather floor mats, especially for drivers who spend extended periods of time on U.S. roadways. Read ahead for an informative guide on the best all-weather floor mats 2021 has to offer.

Why Buy Floor Mats?

Most vehicles come with floor mats already included in the purchase price, so why buy new floor mats at all? A brand new vehicle does include stock floor mats but they are not always customized to your specific needs. When you purchase a used automobile you never know in what condition the floor mats will be and chances are they will be worn down/ineffective. Stock floor mats in new vehicles are also not always as protective against various elements, spills, and stains as are certain specialized brands and models of floor mats. Buying new floor mats is sometimes the only way to truly protect the carpeting of your vehicle.

Why All-Weather?

You drive your car during all four seasons every year. Some floor mats are incapable of enduring the impact and debris from various elements brought into your vehicle. All-weather floor mats last through spring, summer, fall, and winter, protecting the floor of your vehicle all year long. If you want a floor mat capable of handling every kind of element and saving you money in the end, purchase an all-weather floor mat today.

What to Look for in an All-Weather Floor Mat

The first thing to look for in an all-weather floor mat is its ability to protect the carpet in your vehicle from multiple issues all year long. Durability is important because many all-weather floor mats, while affordable, are still sold at the top possible dollar. Pricing is another aspect to look for in an all-weather floor mat brand. Is this a get-what-you-pay-for product? In most cases, higher price points do mean better-quality all-weather mats regarding durability, protection levels, and materials used during manufacturing.

All-weather floor mats are commonly made of either carpet or rubber materials. Choosing between these two material types is dependent on needs and preference of style. For example, rubber all-weather mats are made of heavy-duty rubber material, which is effectively resistant to moisture and stains and also convenient to clean. Ridges in rubber all-weather mats are deep, trapping water, mud, and salt in the mat, which prevents them from reaching your carpet.

All-weather floor mats made of carpet are often chosen more for style and the way they blend in with the interior of your vehicle. Carpet all-weather mats have specialized small fibers, however, which also trap sand, dirt, dust, and debris and prevent them from reaching your carpet. Ultimately, rubber all-weather mats are better designed for heavier use especially if you live in an area where it snows/ices frequently and rock salt is extensively used on the roads. Carpet all-weather mats are better-made for slightly lighter use in climates where the elements are perhaps not quite as harsh.

Price Ranges

Prices ranges for top all-weather floor mats start under $20 and extend above $150 for top brands using the highest quality materials. While many affordable budget options are available, the average price range for high-quality all-weather floor mats in the U.S. today falls between $100 and $125 per set. When comparison-shopping all-weather mats for price and affordability it is important to consider the quality of the materials used. It is also important to keep in mind how the extra durability provided by better quality materials will save you money in the end. Some brands offer up to 75% off including free shipping.

Top Brands

Multiple top brands of all-weather floor mats are available on the market in 2021. Because price ranges vary from under $20 to over $150 per set you have a large selection of affordability, quality, and style from which to choose. The top all-weather floor mat brands for 2021 are:

Benefits of Having All-Weather Floor Mats for Your Vehicle

The benefits of having all-weather floor mats for your vehicle are multiple and vary with each season. Winter months are commonly the harshest on vehicles in general, including the carpets/floors. Rock salt is great for melting ice and keeping roadways safe, but it is harsh on automobiles. All-weather floor mats trap damaging rock salt and prevent it from eroding your carpets. During the summer, all-weather floor mats are easy to clean after they trap sand and grass capable of sticking to and damaging your vehicle’s carpeting.

All-weather floor mats are affordable, even in the highest price ranges. Their affordability combined with their durability saves you money by preventing the need to replace your mats so frequently. They also save you money by preventing the need to clean and/or replace the carpet in your automobile. In addition to money-saving and protective benefits, all-weather floor mats are visually appealing compared to most stock floor mats. Many all-weather mats are trimmable to perfectly fit the shape of your car, truck, SUV, or van. Customizable all-weather mats also match your vehicle’s interior, increasing the visual appeal and the value of your automobile during resale.