Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are you looking to hire or be hired as a virtual assistant? Read a guide on how to find the virtual assistant applicant or job position you need today.

A virtual assistant does everything a personal assistant and/or secretary does albeit from a virtual/remote environment. The importance and prominence of the virtual assistant position increased significantly starting early 2020 and continuing through present day. Some busines owners need to hire a personal assistant and are putting thought and consideration into creating a virtual assistant position instead. Many former personal assistants who were furloughed or let go entirely due to COVID-19-realted shutdowns are discovering the many benefits of the virtual assistant position in 2021.

Typical job requirements for virtual assistant positions combine those of an in-person secretary and/or personal assistant with many new technology-related responsibilities and tasks. Whether you are searching for qualified virtual assistant candidates or looking to become one, multiple popular job board websites are available to help expedite your respective searches. Read ahead for a multi-helpful guide on how to hire (or be hired as) a virtual assistant today.

Virtual Assistants 101

The job of a virtual assistant was formerly (and primarily) held by private contractors working independently to provide services and perform tasks similar to those required of an in-person secretary or personal assistant. As COVID-19 created the need for most businesses to develop at least a minimal remote/virtual working environment as a matter of survival, the prominence of the virtual assistant role increased as a result.

Unexpected Benefits

One of the benefits discovered by businesses and employers when acclimating to virtual offices/remote working environments involved the reduction of physical real estate requirements necessary to successfully operate a business. Along with the decreased use of physical space paralleled an accompanying reduction in the use of expensive resources. A virtual assistant does not need a desk or an office on-site to operate effectively and benefit a company or specific direct employer. Less electricity, water and other resources are used on-site because a virtual assistant does not work in an employer’s building. He or she works from home, cafes, libraries or anywhere else the job can be done up to standards.

Basic Duties

Basic duties assigned to a virtual assistant vary between specific job requirements and employer needs. A virtual assistant is expected to do anything an in-person personal assistant does albeit from a remote position and with certain additional technology-based tasks included. Some basic duties also resemble those performed by in-person secretaries excluding the greeting of clients and customers. A virtual assistant might still be required to handle phone duties as calls are routed to business cell phones or his/her work computer. Therefore, the position still involves assuming the voice of the company clients/customers first hear, even if not the face.

Basic duties of the virtual assistant position also include organizing schedules and various files/accounts. Virtual assistants also commonly serve as office managers, overseeing daily business operation as much as requested by his or her employer. Virtual assistants essentially serve in any professional capacity for which they are qualified and asked to by employers, including:

  • Handling errands for employers.
  • Mailing/receiving packages.
  • Screening calls.
  • Clerical/bookkeeping duties.
  • Organizing travel arrangements/itineraries.
  • Managing social media accounts.
  • Creating content for company websites/blogs.
  • Data entry, typing & dictation.
  • Organizing company meetings.
  • Quality control of specified employees/departments.
  • Handling all electronic communications.
  • Public relations.

Salary & Wages

The median salary virtual assistants in 2021 averages slightly more than $67,000 per year. Job growth is anticipated to increase significantly in the near future as the prominence of virtual positions nationwide becomes more common. Salary & wages for virtual assistants fluctuates, however, based on level of experience, regional job market factors and the complexity/intensity of required daily tasks.

Virtual Assistants - Hard & Soft Skill Sets

The job of a virtual requires specific hard and soft skill sets. Hard skills refer to specific sills pertinent to the actual tasks & duties required to perform a job. Soft skills refer to personal attributes and personality type and how they fit in with employers, coworkers and the company energy & profile.

Hard Skills

Prior experience as a personal assistant, secretary or receptionist is helpful when seeking a job as a virtual assistant. Experience and skills with computers, including the use of common office & business software programs such as Microsoft Office, HoneyBook, Trello or Square Appointments. Some virtual assistants are required to handle bookkeeping services, and all are asked to have skills/experience with modern technology & softwares. Communication, proficient spelling/grammar and business management skills are all helpful if not expected/required.

Soft Skills

Important soft skills for virtual assistant to possess include flexibility, punctuality and loyalty. The ability to work independently then quickly work under intense supervision and scrutiny are absolute necessities. Resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities are endlessly useful and required of virtual assistants in modern times. Additional soft skills capable of increasing the hiring potential for virtual assistants include self-confidence, attention to detail, strong memories and diplomacy.

Hiring & Getting Hired as a Virtual Assistant

Reliable and convenient job board websites are available for prospective employers and employees alike. These websites post job availability and candidates looking for work across the entire nation and sometimes beyond. Most of the same websites are equally beneficial for companies looking for top candidates and top candidates looking for new jobs. For example, SimplyHired is considered one of the best job board websites for employers seeking candidates because of its minimal recruiting costs and reliable results. SimplyHired is also excellent for finding jobs as well, however.

Primary benefits of using virtual job boards to find jobs and/or new employees include streamlined access to the best people/positions available and the affordable cost of use. Some job-search websites post as massive variety of available jobs, while others such as VANetworking.com specialize in virtual assistant jobs. Additional top job board websites perfect for hiring & getting hired as a virtual assistant include: