Texas Rehabs

Do you are a loved one need addiction counseling? Follow below for more information on Texas rehabs.

Addiction is a disease of the brain where people find it difficult to control a substance or behavior that causes psychological or physical harm. Drug and alcohol addiction can be challenging to overcome without help.

Texas provides funding to many programs that help people addicted to drugs, alcohol, or behaviors. The Texas Health and Human Services (THHS) department is a resource for people of Texas who want to find help in healing their addiction. The service Is called Outreach, Screening, Assessment, and Referral (OSAR) and is an excellent starting place for people looking to find a treatment program.

Some people struggle to make the critical decision to find help because they cannot pay for it. The THHS works with treatment centers across Texas and funds substance abuse services to people in need. There are many free programs available depending on the severity of each case. The types of programs available are:

  • Outpatient rehab

  • Medication-assisted treatments

  • Intensive Residential Services,

  • Supportive services

  • Detoxification programs

There is limited availability with all state programs and state-funded programs, and some people may receive higher priority. The higher priority groups must be admitted to treatment within a specific timeframe

  • Pregnant women who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction must be admitted within 48 hours

  • Men and women who inject drugs are admitted within 14 days

  • Anyone who has been evaluated as a high risk for overdose is admitted within 72 hours

  • Anyone referred by the Department of Family and Protective Services is to be admitted within 72 hours

Outreach, Screening, Assessment, & Referral

The Outreach, Screening, Assessment, and Referral (OSAR) is a service that is available to people who are interested in services to help them with their substance abuse. OSAR is incorporated into Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA) and Local Behavioral Health Association within the 11 Texas Health and Human Services Regions. The only requirement to access the OSAR program is to reside in Texas.

OSAR is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact the OSAR LMHA in your area.

Region 1:

StarCare Specialty Health System LMHA

StarCare Specialty Health System services 42 counties in Texas under Region 1. They help people diagnosed with mental illness, disabilities, or substance abuse disorder. StarCare supports people through outreach, screenings, assessments, and referrals by conducting screenings to gather information about the extent of the substance abuse to provide the appropriate resources.

StarCare Contact Information:

Crisis: 806-740-1414 or 800-687-7581

OSAR: 806-740-1421 or 844-472-8810

Region 2:

Helen Farabee Centers LMHA

Helen Farabee program serves region two under OSAR to help individuals with substance abuse. They offer assessments to understand the severity of the substance abuse, counseling, education on dependency and coping skills groups, day and evening adult programs, drug testing, access to detox, and inpatient.

Helen Farabee Center Contact Information:

Crisis phone: 800-621-8504

Main phone: 940-397-3300

Substance use disorder: 940-397-3391

OSAR: 325-673-2242 Extension 100 (Abilene and surrounding counties)

OSAR: 940-224-6200 (Wichita Falls and surrounding counties)

Region 3:

LifePath Systems LBHA

LifePath Systems helps people who struggle with substance abuse and helps them understand their illness and find ways to reduce the impact on their lives.

LifePath Contact Information:

Main Phone: (972) 562-0190

My Health My Resources MHMR of Tarrant County LMHA

My Health My Resources (MHMR) provides treatment and recovery services for people suffering from substance abuse disorders and trauma-sensitive substance use treatment.

Crisis phone: 800-866-2465

Local: (817) 335-3022

Toll-Free: (800) 866-2465

TTY: (817) 569-4488


Region 4:

Andrews Center Behavioral Healthcare System LMHA

Under OSAR services, Andrews Center Behavioral Healthcare System uses License Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC) to provide screenings and assessments for individuals seeking help for substance abuse.

Andrews Center Contact Information:

Crisis phone: 877-934-2131

Main phone: 903-597-1351

Region 5

Burke LMHA

Burke runs their drug and alcohol abuse screenings through the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas (ADACDET)

Burke Contact Information

Crisis phone: 800-445-8562 or 800-392-8343

Main phone: 936-634-5753

Substance use disorder screening 

Region 6: 

Gulf Coast Center LMHA

Gulf Coast Center offers free screenings and referrals through OSAR. The OSAR counselors are mobile and provide walk-in screenings at the Gulf Coast Center’s three locations.

Gulf Coast Center Contact Information:

Crisis phone: 866-729-3848

Main phone: 409-944-4365

OSAR phone: 844-704-1291

Virtual Screenings:

Phone: 800-643-0967 or 409-944-4365

Region 7: 

Bluebonnet Trails Community Services LMHA

Bluebonnet Trails offers OSAR services through their OSAR Program that covers a 30-county area of Central Texas. Bluebonnet focuses on long-term recovery and support through a step-down plan from each level for people struggling with substance abuse.

Bluebonnet Trails Community Services Contact Information:

Crisis phone: 800-841-1255

OSAR phone: 844-309-6385

Region 8: 

The Center for Health Care Services LMHA

The Center for Health Care Services provides care for children and adults with mental health conditions, developmental disabilities, and substance use.

The Center for Health Care Services Contact Information:

Crisis phone: 800-316-9241 or 210-223-7233

Main OSAR phone: 210-261-3076

Region 9:

PermiaCare (formerly Permian Basin Community Centers) LMHA

PermiaCare provides services to help people who struggle with substance abuse get back to a satisfying, responsible, and productive life.

PermiaCare Contact Information:

Crisis phone: 844-420-3964

Main phone: 432-570-3333

OSAR/Substance Use Referrals: 844-420-3964

Region 10:

Emergence Health Network LMHA

Texas residents 13 and older can receive free screenings and referrals and offer personal help to a substance abuse treatment center that fits their needs.

Emergence Health Network Contact Information:

OSAR: 915-747-3605

Fax: 915-757-2621

Crisis phone: 915-779-1800

Main phone: 915-887-3410