Screen Enclosure Companies

Benefits of screen enclosures help create countless hours of fun & enjoyment. Read ahead for helpful information about screen enclosure companies today.

Screen enclosures for your backyard or pool offer multiple benefits and features to help you better enjoy your time outdoors. Spending time with family and friends in a clean, attractive outdoor environment make memories to share for a lifetime. Screen enclosures for your backyards creates special outdoor areas separated from the rest of your yard. Enclosures around your pool makes swimming a cleaner, more intimate experience.

Average prices for various types of screen enclosures vary based on purpose, company/brand and size. The benefits provided by purchasing a screen enclosure are multiple and contribute to countless hours of fun and enjoyment outdoors. Turn your backyard or pool into the outdoor environment you and your family deserve by reading helpful information about screen enclosure companies today.

Turn Your Backyard or Pool into a Memory Making Environment

You love spending time in your backyard and swimming in your pool. A well-chosen screen enclosure helps transform regular spaces into memory making environments by creating customized boundaries, which separate normal areas from those with unique vibes & purposes. Whether you are a couple looking to create romantic spaces to share together in your backyard or a family creating special areas for playing children and friendly gatherings, a perfect screen enclosure for your needs is available today.

Why Choose a Screen Enclosure? - Purposes & Benefits

Multiple purposes and benefits exist for backyard/swimming pool screen enclosures. Purposes for using an outdoor screen enclosure are also directly associated with the benefits one receives after installation. Therefore, it is important to make informed decisions prior to making a purchase commitment.


Purposes of adding a screen enclosure depend on your goals and the structures already existing on your property. For example, setting up a screen enclosure on an empty space only makes sense if you have a distinct plan for using the space. Several purposes for purchasing a screen enclosure include:

  • Enclosing an Existing Porch - One purpose of installing a screen enclosure is enclosing a deck, patio or porch already built in your backyard. Screen porch kits are available to make the process of enclosing your porch or other applicable areas simpler and more convenient than building one DIY from the ground up. Various types of screen gauges/types are available to protect from insects and pets getting through the enclosure. Screen wall kits are also available sans roof attachments.

  • Create a Screened Gazebo - Adding a screened gazebo to your yard instantly creates a place for quiet conversations, entertaining guests, reading, outdoor meals and more. Screened gazebos make any garden the choice place for spending time and are sold in various sizes, shapes and screen gauges.

  • Screened Pool Enclosures - Turn your swimming pool into an outdoor entertainment and family even space by adding a screened pool enclosure today. Using your pool no longer has to be limited to weather conditions when you purchase specialized enclosures with specific screen gauges and features.

  • Add a Screened Canopy - Screened-in canopies are perfect for people who rent properties or frequently move. Screened canopies are portable and convenient to set up for special occasions. Canopies are also capable of remaining upright for the summer or longer depending on where you live.

  • Create a Sunroom - Sunrooms commonly are enclosed with glass but specialized constructs allow for conversion to a combination of glass and screen enclosures. A sunroom has multiple purposes such as growing plants, providing a quiet reading space or an area in which to take a nap in the sunlight, while also staying protected from insects/debris.


Spending time in your backyard or swimming pool with family and/or friends is an important part of your life. The benefits of purchasing a screen enclosure extend far beyond the social, however. Various benefits provided by outdoor screen enclosures include:

  • Spending time outdoors is significantly less limited by weather/other conditions.

  • Increases value of your home.

  • Keeps debris out of pool, making it easier to clean.

  • Allows you to clean your pool less frequently, saving money on chemicals/third-party services.

  • Creates a special environment in which guests will enjoy.

  • Keeps heat in during cool weather & high heat out by creating shade.

  • Keeps bugs/insects out & pets in.

  • Creates an impressive look of elegance & class.

  • Protects against wind.

  • Creates a private space away from neighbors & distractions.

Types & Parts

Various types of screen enclosures are available for sale. Screen porch kits, screened-in gazebos, enclosed sunrooms and canopies are all on the market today. Screen enclosures for pools vary in style, screen gauge and size. Patio enclosures tun your patios into the perfect space for entertaining guests. Pergolas are more elegant versions of patio enclosures and add extra style & class to your enclosed space.

Screens are sold in various gauges for multiple purposes. Some screens are insect repellant, while others are specifically designed to protect you from the weather. Stronger screens prevent pets from breaking out or wild animals such as squirrels or raccoons from breaking in. Chinese-made, USA-made, fiberglass, specialty and various other screen types are sold today. For example, the gauge of a Super Screen is eighteen percent heavier & one-hundred percent more durable than basic screen material. Parts include frames, trac beams, beam connections and fasteners. Possible accessories include drainage devices & special fasteners/anchors. Additional screen types include…

  • Solar/sun screen.

  • Privacy screen.

  • Pet screen.

  • Polyester core yarn screen. 

Average Prices & Best Screen Enclosure Companies

Screen enclosure prices vary widely based on the size of the enclosure, type of screen used, style enhancements and accessories. Average prices range between six and eight dollars per square foot. Enclosing an average-sized in-ground swimming pool (approximately 600 square feet) would therefore cost between approximately $3,600 and $4,800. Some of the best screen enclosure companies today include: