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Most U.S. homeowners understand how important it is to maintain the structural integrity of the roof on their homes. Even during harder times, the clichéd phrase, “At least you have a roof over your head...” is used to console friends and family members and encourage them to appreciate the things they still have. Finding reliable roof repair services, you trust is therefore important to literally protecting the roof over your head and everything underneath it.

What types of jobs do roof repair service companies provide? What are the most common problems and/or issues with roofs today? Modern roofing materials are designed to endure for twenty years but faulty workmanship or DIY roofing attempts might lead to high repair bills. How much do national roof repair services charge on average? Read ahead for a helpful guide on finding the best and most reliable roof repair services available near you in 2021.

Why Roof Repair Services Are Important

Water damage in homes equates to approximately twenty-five percent of all U.S. home-related damages. Overall water damage statistics show just how bad the experience is across the nation as well. Some water damage restoration & remediation jobs are significantly expensive. Water damage also causes families to potentially (and permanently) lose valuable items. A leaking roof leads to serious water damage if not repaired quickly enough. Should I have my roof inspected for leaks and other damages? What are the best times of year to have my roof inspected?

Roofs last an average of approximately twenty years prior to needing a full replacement. The National Roofing Contractors Association emphatically suggests hiring a roofing service to inspect your roof two times every year, however. While this might seem excessive to some homeowners, those who lost valuable items or suffered injuries due to weakened or damaged roofs are not of such a mindset. As a rule, schedule roof inspections either right before or immediately after every summer and winter season. Also schedule an additional roof inspection as soon as possible after a serious weather event such as a blizzard, hurricane, or extreme prolonged heat. Some companies such as B&M Roofing (based in Denver, CO) even offer free estimates for just these very reasons.

A leaking or otherwise damaged roof not only lets rainwater in, it is also capable of letting heat and/or AC out. This leads to unnecessarily high utility/energy bills. Roof repair services are also important because they protect your most valuable possessions from water damage, while simultaneously protecting your budget from unexpectedly severe damage repair and replacement expenses.

Problems with Your Roof? Here Are the Most Common Issues.

Leaking is the most common roof issue experienced. Leaking occurs under damaged shingles or in lower spots of your roof. Leaking also commonly occurs where other items are attached to your roofs, such as chimneys, skylights, flashing points, vents, pipes, and gutters.

Another common roof issue is water pooling and weakening the structural integrity of the roof and its materials. This is especially problematic with flat roofs unequipped with slopes. Other common issues with roofs include:

  • Poor caretaking/maintenance habits and/or neglect.

  • Defective materials/workmanship.

  • Gutter clogs.

  • Damage from falling trees/broken branches.

  • Holes/punctures.

  • Shrinking/expanding materials.

  • Damage from snow/ice.

  • Blistered/cracked materials from excessive tempera

Summary of Common Roofing Job Services Provided

The most common type of issue with roofs in the U.S. (leaks) is also the most common type of repair job provided by roof servicing companies. Repairing leaking roofs is by far the most frequent reason companies receive calls in 2021. Repairing damaged and/or loose shingles is also a highly common type of service call taken by roofing companies. Shingles and other roofing materials break, split, curl, shrink and loose granules (where applicable) for a wide variety of reasons over time.

Repairing and replacing gutters is another common service provided by national roof repair companies today. Some gutters are improperly installed. Others are of poor quality or are damaged by the elements. Roof flashing is another aspect sometimes impacted by faulty installation. Roof flashing helps keep rainwater away from places on your roof with more potential for leaking such as chimneys, skylights, walls and more.

Finally, albeit perhaps not so expected, roof repair services are also commonly called to fix poor ventilation created by damaged roofs. Blistered shingles damaged by high heat or below-freezing temperatures prevent proper airflow in and out of your home. Excessively or constantly humid climates lead to the growth of mold and mildew on your roof, which also weakens its protective/structural integrity due to rotting. Poor ventilation due to damaged roofs creates a perfect scenario for pest infestation in addition to causing some energy bills to soar.

National Roof Repair Services - How Much Do They Charge?

The cost to repair a roof in 2021 varies based on the severity of the repairs needed, the company providing the services and the location where you live. For example, roof repair prices in New York City or Calabasas, CA might be more expensive than those in smaller towns with a cheaper cost of living across the country. Prices are also affected by how many competing roof repair companies are available near you.

Minor roof repairs might average in price between $150 and $450. Moderate repairs might cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000, while major issues are capable of costing from $1,000 to $3,000 and more to repair. The lowest general price expected for a roof repair job is $50, while some of the most expensive repairs are capable of costing up to $10,000. Overall, the national average prices for roof repair services in 2021 range between approximately $350 and $1,500, however. Some of the most trusted and reliable national roof repairs services in 2021 are: