RV Rentals

RV rentals are fun & safe ways of taking vacations. Read a guide to 2021 RV rentals to have all your questions answered about first-time RV rentals today.

RV rentals are a fun and safe way of taking a vacation with friends, family or as a romantic getaway. Those of you looking to rent an RV for the first time have many questions about the process, type of RVs available and how much an RV rental costs on average. Many unique benefits of traveling via RV are also new to first-time RV renters in 2021. 

Several common models emerged as favorites among RV renters who take repeated trips once a year or more. Researching RV rental websites and choosing the best type/model for you might require a little time but it also provides much satisfaction when you reach a decision and get behind the wheel for the first time. Read ahead to have all your questions answered in this guide to 2021 RV rentals perfect for first-time renters today.


How COVID-19 Created an RV Rental Surge

When massive COVID-19 shutdowns hit in 2020 many vacations were canceled as a result. Consumer response was to rent or purchase RVs in surprising numbers. Certain RV rental companies such as RVShare stated its rental bookings between June 7 and Memorial Day (2020) increased more than one-thousand percent above prior month’s bookings. 

The popularity of RV rentals unexpectedly caused by COVID-19 has not diminished midway through 2021. In fact, over eighteen million first-time RV renters were born out of the need to escape COVID-19-related restrictions/quarantine protocols and safely hit the open roads. Renting and traveling in an RV is considered sixty-six percent safer than flying by RV renters/enthusiasts today. Nearly fifty-percent of surveyed U.S. travelers consider RV rental vacations safer than vacationing in hotels. The stress imposed upon daily life by the pandemic truly created a significantly large demographic of first-time RV renters who, in turn, became long-term RV enthusiasts and vacationers. 

Common Types & Models

Common types & models of RVs are rented by experienced and first-time travelers in 2021. Each type has its own set of benefits and types of trips for which it is best suited. Each type is also available in various models/brands, some of which became quite popular with American consumers as rentals continued to increase over the past year.

RV Motorhomes

An RV motorhome is popular among U.S. consumers and also suitable for first-time renters. No extended driving or towing skills are required to operate a motorhome RV, although the vehicle is categorized into three distinct classes. Class A and C are large motorhomes, and Class A is often too large for first-time renters to properly handle. Class B motorhomes, also referred to as campervans, are the most popular type of RV for first-time renters. If you feel you have the driving skills, a Class A motorhome functions like a luxury hotel or guest house on wheels. Campervans (Class B) are perfectly sized for two people and function great for short-term couples vacations and day trips. Class B RVs provide a vacationing experience improved from camping in tents, albeit without the extra amenities and driving skills requirements of Class A models. Popular Class B RV motorhome rental models include the Airstream Interstate, Pleasure-Way Plateau and the Winnebago Travato.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up Campers are also suitable RV types for first-time renters although they do require towing. This type of RV is also simpler to maneuver than larger types such as travel trailer RVs. While storage space is limited and traveling during severely inclement weather is not advised, pop-up campers are affordable and excellent for couples and small families looking for an intimate vacation together. Perhaps an unexpected beneficial use for pop-up campers is their ability to house guests visiting from out of town instead of forcing them to pay for expensive hotels or sleep on sofas. Popular pop-up camper brands & models include the Jayco Jay Sport, Forest River Flagstaff and the Turtleback Adventure Trail.

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers are large and thought of as 5th wheels. Operating a travel trailer requires exceptional towing/driving skills and a lead vehicle with an appropriate tow rating. Some travel trailer models are small enough to sleep only one person and are therefore suitable for first-timer renters who take the time to practice operational skills prior to leaving for vacation. A few of the most popular travel trailer models/brands available in 2021 include:

Benefits of Traveling with an RV

Benefits of traveling with an RV include saving money normally spent on expensive hotel and/or reservations. Travel arrangements are also less expensive and simpler to organize. Vacation time spent in an RV is intimate and away from noise, crowds, long lines and various inconveniences associated with vacationing in public locations. RV travel allows you to choose your own itinerary, including eating, sleeping and enjoying entertainment whenever you desire. Was a pop-up camper rental lacking in elements you needed to truly enjoy your vacation? Primary benefits include the ability to move up to larger RVs anytime you choose, along with the ability to compare a vast multitude of models and styles until you find the perfect match for your needs. 

Average Rates

Average rates for renting an RV vary greatly based on the type, size, model & brand of your rental. Each company also sets its own rates with expense terms included pursuant to trip length and number of miles allotted for travel. Prices also vary based on the age of the RV you are renting. For example, older models cost more than newer model-year RVs. 

Average rates for Class A RVs range from $150 to $450/night based on age, type, brand & trip details. Class B RV rentals cost between $100 & $350/night, whereas Class C rentals average between $100 & $400/night. Travel trailers cost between $50 & $200/night on average. The average rental rates for Fifth Wheel rentals range between $60 and $300/night. 

Best RV Rental Companies 2021

Outdoorsy is widely considered one of the best RV rental companies in 2021. RV owners around the country rent their private RVs through Outdoorsy, creating a massive variety of available selections. Cruise America is another popular 2021 RV rental company. Cruise America has been in business since 1972, is an employee-owned business and operates over 120 active U.S. rental centers today. Three more of the best RV rental companies in 2021 are:

  1. RVShare.

  2. Escape Campervans.

  3. VroomVroomVroom.