Private Charter Jets

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Travelers in the U.S. are using more private charter jets for personal and business purposes than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the commercial airline industry and people began looking for new methods of traveling around the country. In recent times booking a private jet required specific personal and/or business connections. This type of travel experience seemed more akin to scenes and characters in movies as opposed to everyday life across the nation. What are the top private charter jet companies today? What are the benefits of flying in a private charter jet? 

Private charter jets are used for a wide variety of trip types in 2021. Is it safer in modern times to fly in a private charter jet than it is to fly commercial airlines? Read ahead for an informative guide about private charter jets, how much they cost and how to find the best deals today.                  


Private Charter Jets - Why the Market Surge?

Chartering a private jet was previously considered only possible for movie/sports stars, crime bosses or government officials. As it did with so many other aspects of life the COVID-19 pandemic changed (and severely limited) the options people had for traveling. The commercial airline industry took a major financial hit in 2020 and is unlikely to ever be the same as it was prior to pandemic in multiple and profound ways. 

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting steadily due to widespread vaccination-related success people are exploring new ways to travel and do business. Unfortunately for commercial airlines traveling on planes was always a close-quarters, cramped situation. Vaccinations notwithstanding, safety is still paramount and travelers are turning more to private charter jets to get them where they need to go.

Benefits vs. Costs & Best Uses

Flying in a private charter jet provides many benefits for U.S. travelers. These benefits are relevant to both business and personal travel, but what types of trips do private charter jets make in 2021? What are the best uses for chartering a private jet when considering benefits vs. costs? What do you get for the charges?

Included Services

Private charter jets commonly charge an hourly rate for flights. One-way and empty leg pricing options are available, the latter of which gets you significant discounts. On top of the hourly rate you must also pay a positioning fee to place your chartered plane at a preferred airport. Additional airport-related charges, taxes, waiting fees and other surcharges are also applied. Traveling internationally, on holidays and during peak days/hours also result in extra fees charged to your total bill. U.S. domestic flights are commonly assessed a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax plus $4.30 extra per passenger. Customized flight amenities such as alcohol, meal and entertainment features increase your final bill even further.

Average Costs

The average costs for chartering a private plane vary based on the type/size of plane and numerous other factors. Prices between $1,000 and $3,000 per hour are common for turboprop or small jet planes, both of which carry up to six people. Large jets carrying up to nineteen passengers and cost as much as $13,000 per hour. A list containing types of available private planes/jets and the approximate average hourly costs to charter them includes:

  • Piston ($1,000/hour).

  • Turboprop ($2,000/hour).

  • Light jet ($3,000/hour).

  • Mid-size jet ($4,000/hour).

  • Super mid-size jet ($5,000).

  • Heavy jet ($6,000/hour).

  • Bombardier Learjet 60XR ($7,000/hour).

  • Ultra long-range jet ($8,000/hour).

  • Gulfstream G200/G280 ($9,500/hour).

Some services offer prices of $100 per one-way flight provided you are flexible with your travel times and are willing to travel with other people. This partially reduces the privacy appeal of flying privately. It also saves you a lot of money, while still offering many perks commercial flying does not.

Best Uses

Due to COVID-19 (and also lower overhead) business meetings are now commonly held online using video conferencing services instead of traveling/meeting in person. Still, some meetings and transactions must be handled in person. A privately chartered jet gets you where you need to go quickly and in style. Chartering a private jet to bring a prospective client or business partner to you is certain to make a strong favorable impression. Flying members of your company team to conventions in different cities in a private jet helps reduce travel fatigue and keep morale/camaraderie high.

What are some other best uses for private charter jets? Flying a wedding party to a remote location in a private charter jet helps make the wedding even more memorable, while also guaranteeing every person arrives at the same time. Private jets are also excellent for surprise anniversary getaways and even for marriage proposals.


Certain benefits to flying privately are simply not available on commercial flights. Private charter jets have more space per passenger than commercial airlines. Amenities are customizable and significantly more passenger-friendly on private jets. Business meetings and phone calls taking place on private jets have the benefit of extreme privacy and security. Do you need to make multiple stops in several cities in one day? Private charter jets are capable of stopping wherever you dictate (and pay for) including some destinations where commercial planes do not land. Finally, private charter jets get you to your location faster than commercial airlines, plain and simple.

Private Charter vs. Commercial: Safety Comparisons

Private charter jets are significantly safer than commercial airlines in time of a global pandemic. Effective social distancing is possible. People on the private plane with you are likely already inside your COVID-19 bubble. Flying privately also eliminates the need to wait at gates inside airports in the vicinity of thousands of people. 

Top Private Charter Jet Companies

Multiple private charter jet service companies exits in 2021. Which service is bet for your needs? A list of the top private charter jet companies available today (and resources to find them) is presented below for your convince and research needs: