Plumbing Contractors

Hiring a contractor for all plumbing repair needs avoids more expensive bills later. Read how to hire the best plumbing contractors in your area.

Small pipe leaks and inexpensive fixes quickly turn into inconvenient, damaging, and expensive repairs. Water damage is one of the most common - and expensive - types of damages experienced in U.S. households today. It makes sense to hire a plumbing contractor for all your piping and plumbing repair needs to avoid more expensive bills down the line. You need a plumber with experience, a state license, total liability insurance and who guarantees his or her work in writing. Fortunately, it is easier to find quality providers today than ever before. Continue reading to learn how to hire the best plumbing contractors in your area.

Top Reasons You Need a Plumber Fast

Certain extreme scenarios present an obvious need to hire a professional plumber. These typically involve burst pipes, a lack of running water and an overflowing toilet without visible evidence of a clog. Other times the need is not as obvious. Perhaps you believe you can fix the problem yourself as a DIY project. Maybe you believe the situation is minor enough to be overlooked, or simply do not realize what you see is a potentially growing problem.


Take, for example, a constantly dripping faucet. The issue might simply be a loose or damaged gasket or seal. It might also be a water pressure issue or an issue with water forced to travel through incorrect piping. It might also be a sign of a much more serious repair bill about to wreck your monthly budget. Most repairs for dripping faucets are inexpensive and simple. For this reason, many homeowners feel it is not cost-effective to pay for a plumbing contractor service call to fix a small problem. The flaw in this thinking overlooks the long-term expense of paying for dripping water months and years on-end. This expense easily surpasses the cost of paying for a one-time service call and nominal parts costs. In the event a more serious problem is discovered and severe damage is prevented, you then save even more money.


Clogged drains, sinks and toilets seem like common problems, and often are. Occasionally, however, the blockage is so severe you need to hire a professional plumber to fix the issue. Plumbers have special tools such a drain snakes, pipe cameras and hydro-jets (to name a few). When blockages and clogs are located deep in your plumbing system or in hard-to-reach locations, you need a professional plumbing contractor to solve the problem and prevent major damages.

Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a sign of a blockage or a damaged pipe. Pipes might be bent, cracked, or nearly disconnected. Low water pressure is commonly caused by minor issues such as blockages but also sometimes a sign of a more serious and imminently expensive issue.

Hot Water

The same is true for a lack of hot water. Sometimes HVAC coils simply need to be cleaned out and your system starts pumping out hot water again. Other times the problem is more severe. Either way, your home needs hot water to function properly and stay sanitary and safe.

Comparing Residential vs. Commercial Plumbers

Residential and commercial plumbers perform many of the same types of jobs but also have some differences. Many of these differences pertain to the depth of the problems addressed by the plumber. For example, both residential and commercial buildings experience clogged piping. In a residential building a plumber commonly deals with a singular plumbing system. In a commercial building there might be miles of piping running throughout multiple, interconnected systems. This makes locating and clearing a blockage a complicated procedure, with possible adverse impacts if not handled with extreme care and precision.

The same is true for locating the source of and repairing a leak. Residential and commercial buildings also have differing codes to which plumbing contractors must adhere. Commercial building codes are more comprehensive and pertain to local, state and industry-based regulations. The types of equipment and components used are also significantly different in commercial buildings than they are in residential buildings. Finally, commercial plumbers must communicate differently and with more people (and departments) when performing commercial plumbing jobs. 

What Types of Projects Do Plumbers Take on?

Plumbing contractors take on numerous projects in addition to unclogging pipes and drains and repairing leaks. Repairing damages which lead to damp or flooded basements is a major project professional plumbing contractors handle. Searching for mold, removing the mold, and sanitizing all areas where mold was located is another job taken on by experienced plumbing services. Replacing toilet parts and even entire toilets is commonplace. The same is true for replacing faucet systems and occasionally and entire sink, bathtub, or shower. Plumbers also help install water heaters, additional utility sinks and piping to run water to:

  • Sheds.

  • Detached pool rooms.

  • Detached greenhouses.

  • Guest houses.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

As much as it is important to have a professional plumbing contractor repair your plumbing issues before they turn into larger more expensive issues, it is equally important to evaluate your needs and budget. This involves putting some time into research regarding service and part prices. Each plumbing contractor also sets his or her own prices. It is advisable to comparison-shop between several different quality providers to ensure you get the best rates available.

Ask each plumber if he or she is both licensed and fully insured. Ask if the fees are flat rates, hourly or a combination. Ask if they charge surcharges above the price of applicable parts as a fee for providing them. Are estimates free and quotes guaranteed? Is their work guaranteed in writing? Many plumbers include cleanup as part of their services but some do not. Find out how much extra cleanup will cost you if it is not an included service.

How to Find a Qualified Plumbing Contractor Near you

Take advantage of the many online resources available for finding licensed, professional nationwide plumbing contractors. Using these resources requires limited information such as your zip code and the type of plumber you need. In only a few clicks you are directed to information about top plumbing contractors in your area via top resources such as: