Pet Friendly Hotels

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If you are a pet owner, you likely think of them as a part of the family, and the idea of going on a vacation without them is not at all appealing. However, as many pet owners will attest to, bringing your furry friend along can create undesired complications, as many hotels do not allow pets. In the past, any family going on vacation would have to leave their pet behind, either with a sitter or at a pet care facility. Aside from the emotional stress and separation anxiety that this can cause animals, these options were also costly and added another expense to any trip or vacation.

Luckily, times have changed, and more hotels are opening their doors to pets, something pet owners have embraced with open arms. If you or your family are thinking about taking a vacation, but do not know which hotels allow pets, use the following pet-friendly hotels to start planning your next vacation.

Hotel Rules for Pets

Before detailing the hotel chains permitting pets, it is good to familiarize yourself with standard rules that most pet-friendly hotels will have. While each hotel has slightly different rules and requirements, the following list is an outline of what pet owners can expect to encounter in any standard pet-friendly hotel. 

  • Must Not Be Aggressive: Even the most pet-friendly hotels will take a firm stance against dogs that display any level of aggression. When this occurs, they may ask the dog and their owner(s) to leave.

  • Must Be Clean: Of all the reasons why many hotels do not allow pets, dirtiness is near the top. Hotels put a lot of time and effort into ensuring all areas of the hotel, from the lobby, reception, and rooms, are clean and comfortable. Because of this, pet friendly hotels may deny access to pet owners or families who bring unclean or ungroomed pets.

  • No Fleas: Like the point above, fleas are a major concern for hotels, especially ones that allow pets. Should the hotel staff have good reason to suspect an animal has fleas, your pet is unlikely to gain entry.

  • Be Current on Vaccinations: Although not all hotels will ask for paperwork, pet friendly hotels will require all entering pets to be current on their vaccinations and shots. Because of this, pet owners often carry around copies of their pet's vaccination history just in case it is ever required.

  • Proper Disposal of Pet Waste: Pet-friendly hotels are very strict about where pets can use the bathroom and what their owners do once they are done. Typically, there will be a designated  area that pets can use, and all waste must be cleaned up immediately. 

Always Double-Check Pet Policies

Before deciding upon a hotel for your pet and family, it is always recommended that you obtain a copy of their pet policy, as some may have some unexpected requirements. For example, some hotels will allow pets to enter if their owners put down a deposit. Furthermore, some hotels advertise themselves as pet friendly, but require that all pets must be brought into the hotel in a kennel and are only allowed out once inside the room.

For these reasons, prudent pet owners often ask for a copy of the pet policy when comparing different hotels. Additionally, if a hotel has information available online, it is best to ask them if the information available on their web page is up to date.

Best Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

Over the last 10 - 15 years, more of the large hotel chains have begun opening their doors to pets, much to the pleasure of pet owners. However, not every individual hotel in a chain is pet friendly, so some investigation is required before booking. 

Best Western: Perhaps one of the most well-known American hotel chains, Best Western has won the praises of pet owners for their easy-going pet policy. Several locations have designed pet areas where dogs can be let off-leash. The standard policy allows two dogs of up to 80 pounds each, at a charge of $30 extra per day. On top of this, some locations require a $150 deposit. 

The Four Seasons Hotel and Resort: Although substantially pricier than the average Best Western, all Four Seasons Hotels accommodate pets at no extra cost. Furthermore, many locations have special dining options and even grooming and leisure centers for pets. The Four Seasons is one of the most pet friendly hotel chains around.

Marriott: With over 1,500 dog-friendly locations across the United States, the Marriott is another favorite among pet owners. Like the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts, many Marriott locations offer dog grooming, leisure centers, and other amenities to accommodate pet owners and their pets.

La Quinta Inn and Suites: If you are looking for a more affordable pet-friendly option, La Quinta Inn and Suites will likely be your best bet. Not only do over 800 locations allow pets, but it only costs $40 a week extra to have them stay with you. As is standard, La Quinta Inn and Suites allows up to two pets weighing a maximum of 75 pounds.

  • One rule that all prospective visitors should be aware of is that La Quinta requires owners to always be with their pets. This means no leaving them in the room while you or your family go out. Moreover, pets are required to remain on a leash when outside the room. 

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts: The Fairmont Hotel and Resorts have developed a program by which a portion of all fees collected from their pet policy is donated to local groups, institutions, and charities whose mission is to help underprivileged animals. It should be noted that the pet policy differs quite a bit from one location to the next. While some charge no fee for pets to stay, others will charge a fee and a deposit. If you are considering staying at a Fairmont Hotel or resort with your pet, it is best to check their policy before booking.