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A pet is an important part of a family. Pets bring joy and positive emotional support to every household. When you leave your house for an extended period of time one of your top priorities is finding qualified reliable pet boarding in your area. What types of services do modern pet boarding and pet hotels offer? Is it better to use a local or national pet boarding service? 

The costs for pet boarding in 2021 vary based on the type of animals you own, their size and the length of stay required. Numerous online referral and rate-comparison resources are available to help find the best pet hotel and/or other modern boarding-type services for your needs today. Read ahead for valuable information about how to find the best pet boarding and hotel services near you now. 

Understanding Your Pet Boarding Needs

Before you begin a search for the best pet boarding services in your area it is advisable to carefully assess your needs. Many boarding options are likely available near you but only some offer all the services you need. Private and corporate pet-related services are both on the market for hire. Local-only and national chain-operated services are also available. The best way to find a perfect match for pet boarding is to fully understand all your needs before making calls.

Creating a detailed list of all your pet boarding wishes, requirements and requests helps you quickly understand if a service can care for your pet the way you would at home. Making this list also saves you time when interviewing prospective services. An organized list also prevents costly mistakes such as accidentally hiring a service incapable of meeting all your boarding needs. What information should I include on my list of pet boarding requirements? The following information is helpful to understand prior to making calls to prospective pet boarding/hotel services:

  • Type of pets (dog, cat, bird, horse, etc.).

  • Number of pets.

  • Size/weight of pets.

  • Breed of pets.

  • Dietary needs/requests.

  • Behavioral needs/requests.

  • Length of stay.

  • Are your pets up-to-date on all shots? 

Pet Boarding – Questions to Ask

In addition to assessing your own pet boarding needs it is essential to also understand the terms, costs and conditions as set forth by each service provider. You consistently strive to prioritize the happiness and safety of your pets. In order to do this when boarding your pets, you need to know all expectations a pet boarding service has of you as the owner/customer. Many high-quality services provide this information on company websites in addition to discussing it on the phone. Many also write the information into service contracts, which you are required to read/sign. Because of how important your pets are to you, it is also advisable to ask the following questions to any pet boarding service you are considering for hire:

  • What are the costs per pet?

  • What are the total expected costs?

  • What is the charge for extended/late stays?

  • Are you charged if your pet causes damage to property?

  • What is the process if your pet bites an employee or another animal?

  • How does the service handle medical/injury issues?

  • Is there insurance in case your pet is injured by staff or another pet?

  • Is there a 24/7 contact option in case of emergencies?

Types of Services

Available types of pet boarding/hotel services vary based on several factors. The biggest variable factor involves the size of a service and if it is individually or corporately operated. For example, boarding services through a national chain such as PetSmart include many more options and features than can a local, private boarder working out of his or her home. Not all local services are individually operated, however. Some local pet hotels offer competitive services to national chains at lower prices.

Services offered by pet boarding hotels include overnight and multi-night stays. Some services offer shorter half-day stays, essentially serving as pet daycare/babysitting facilities. Some national and top-tier local boarders offer behavioral training services. Training services might be included in the price or might be offered at an additional charge. Grooming, luxury and amenity-based services are also available in certain locations.

Pet Boarding Hotels – Average Costs

Average costs for boarding a pet are variable based on your pet’s size, type and breed. Your location also impacts pricing, as does the length of stay required in addition to extra service requests you make. Average prices to board a medium-size dog for one night might cost approximately $40 to $80, whereas a half-day stay might only cost $15 (due to less food/services needed). Regular and luxury stays also vary greatly in pricing. One-month regular boarding might cost approximately $550, whereas one month of luxury boarding might cost $1,000+. Cats cost less to board on average. For example, one night of cat boarding might cost $25 per cat as opposed to $40 per night per dog. Specialty boarding services for birds and other animals generally only offer pricing via private quotes.

Top Pet Boarding Chain Providers 2021

What are the best national/chain pet boarding providers in 2021? Are there resources to help me locate national pet boarding chains? Top pet boarding chains and resources to help find them in 2021 include:

Pet Hotels – Benefits of Local Boarding

While national pet boarding services might include more options, the benefits of hiring a local boarding service are worth consideration. Local boarding services might already know your family and family pets. Verifying word-of-mouth referrals is easy to do through people you know in the community. Larger local pet hotels might also offer similar services to a national chain albeit at a lower price.