Party Rental Services

Party rental services help you set up the perfect party or shower. Read a fun & helpful guide on party rental services available near you today.

It is party time in your household or neighborhood, but you are busy with work, school, raising children or more. Party rental services are available to help plan and stock your party with everything it needs to be a great success. What types of services do party rental companies provide? What are the costs to hire a party rental service in my area fast?

Party rental services help you set up and deliver the perfect baby shower. They help you with bridal showers, birthday parties, surprise/specialty parties and more. Did your child graduate from high school with honors? Did your spouse receive a big promotion or bonus at work? Party rental services help cover every type of imaginable party-based situation. Read ahead for a fun and informative guide about how to find the best party rental companies and the services they offer near you today.


Party Rental Services – Helpful Fun 101

What types of services do the top party rental companies provide in 2021? The answers to this question are as numerous as the types of parties and occasions U.S. consumers have every year. Bridal showers and wedding parties (receptions) are a huge part of American culture. How big is the wedding party trend in the U.S. today? Approximately 2.3 million couples get married every year. This equates to approximately 6,200 weddings (and wedding parties!) in the U.S. every single calendar day. Wedding parties need catering, decorations, gifts and planning. Modern festive ornaments such as wedding sparklers are used more than rice during wedding reception sendoffs.

Bridal shower parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties are also reliant upon party rental services to help make the party come to life. Do you need a human-size cake? Do you have a specific theme in mind for you wedding-related party? Party rental services are available to help you now. What other types of fun and helpful services do party rental companies offer?

  • Baby showers.

  • Birthday parties.

  • Anniversaries.

  • Indoor/outdoor events (corporate and private).

  • House concerts.

  • Proms.

  • Graduations.

  • Goodbye/sendoffs to military.

  • Return from college/military.

Party Rental Services – Available Equipment for Your Party Needs

Party rental services use a wide variety of generalized and specialized items and equipment to make your party as special and successful as possible. Tents, canopies, temporary roofing and other shelter-type equipment are all used for outdoors events. These types of items protect your guests from the hot sun, cold/strong wind and even rain.

Tables and chairs are also common items provided by party rental services. Regular folding chairs/tables through custom-ordered formal decorative tables/chairs are offered at various price-points. Walkways, runways and special carpeting are also provided at your request when available. Are you having a children’s party? Clowns, entertainment, inflatable palaces, trampolines, water slides, piñatas and more all offered by various party rental services around the country.

Decorative items such as streamers, tablecloths, curtains, drapes and other hanging items are offered. Do you need musical entertainment? Some party rental services send karaoke machines and also have DJs on staff for your background or dancing music needs. Is a band playing at your party? Risers, portable stages and sometimes even sound systems are provided.

Certain types of formal-based party rental services offer real and/or artificial flower services for your special occasions. Whatever the occasion a party rental service near you has what you need. How much do party rental service items cost, however?

Prices for Popular Party Rental Services Items

Prices for popular party rental services items vary greatly based on many multiple factors. For example, some party rental services might charge a base rate plus extra fees per item. Some might charge a flat fee for special party packages, which include a specified amount of items. Items requested outside those included in the package would then be subject to additional fees. Other rental services charge by the hour or charge a flat fee for three-four hours plus an extra hourly rate for overtime.

One of the most potentially expensive party rental items is the outdoor tent. While smaller pop-up tents might only cost approximately $100, larger decorative tents can cost $5,000 to $20,000 or more. The most expensive tents shelter multiple hundreds of people and are made of exquisitely crafted elegant materials. The most expensive tents also include portable heaters, air conditioning and/or bug control devices. 

Bouncing castles for children range in price from approximately $100 to $500 per party. Waterslides also range in price from approximately $100 to $500. Carnival foods such as popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and more range from $50 to several hundred dollars per food item depending on the size of the party and how much food you need. 

Tables and chairs generally cost between $1.50 & $6 per chair and $6 to $14 on tables, although some come in bulk-size packages. For example, many couples spend approximately $1,000 on tables and chairs for their wedding parties, but some spend as much as $2,000 or more. Prices also vary based on location. Party rental services in the suburbs of Branson, Missouri for a theater party might cost less than those provided in Calabasas, California or New York City.

Find the Best Party Rental Services Near You Today

Using Yelp to find the best party rental services near you based on customer reviews is one way to get the best services for your party needs fast. General Google searches using your zip code also help narrow down the best services in your area. National and local services are both available. Yelp might help you find the best local party rental service. Some of the top national 2021 party rental services in the U.S. for a wide variety of party styles & occasions include: