Motorcycle Insurance 2021

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If you own a motorcycle, you are strongly encouraged to get some form of motorcycle insurance, as riders are at a higher risk of getting into an accident compared to traditional drivers. Motorcycle insurance offers financial protection in case you or your motorcycle is damaged during an accident. This applies not only to you, but any other party injured as a result of the accident. It also provides coverage if your motorcycle is lost or stolen. Motorcycle is often used as a catch all term for similar vehicles, such as street bikes and mopeds.

There are many insurance providers to choose from. Factors like rate, how much coverage is available, and what constitutes an accident all change depending on the insurance provider. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $60 each month on insurance, though many providers offer discounts to reduce this price. Where you live may also change prices. Listed below are some of the top motorcycle insurance providers for 2021.


Compared to many other insurance providers, Markel is a smaller company. Despite this, it offers some of the most robust coverage of any other motorcycle insurance provider, including accident forgiveness. Markel allows customers to build their own plans, so you are ensured to get only the coverage you want. This includes general property and bodily injury, passenger liability, collision and medical payments. You can also opt in for roadside assistance, mechanical breakdown or rental reimbursement.

Markel also covers a wide range of bikes, including dirt bikes, trikes, sport bikes and custom motorcycles. If you transfer from another insurance provider, you receive an automatic ten percent discount. There are also smaller discounts available for safety features on your bike, including anti-lock and theft devices. Multi-unit discounts are available if you own multiple motorcycles. There are also safe driver discounts, and loyalty rewards for every year you use Markel.

Safeco Insurance

If you are looking for the most affordable motorcycle insurance coverage, consider shopping with Safeco. Safeco has the most discount options of any other insurance provider. The plans also include options for 24/7 roadside assistance and claims filing, as well as coverage for custom bikes. As of writing, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Montana, Vermont and Wyoming do not provide Safeco coverage.

In addition to including custom motorcycles, Safeco has options for insuring your riding gear and accessories. OEM parts provisions are also included under Safeco plans. Safeco offers both safe and experienced rider discounts. You can also get garage storage and homeowner discounts, as well as a generous discount if you pay your annual premium upfront instead of each month. Safeco is also partnered with 24 riding clubs throughout the state. If you are a member, you receive another discount on top of the usual membership benefits.

Safeco also prides itself on providing a personal experience. Most interactions are handled directly either in-person or over the phone with an agent. While this makes it easier to get policies explained or ask questions, some riders find it inconvenient, preferring app focused providers instead.


Harley-Davidson is one of the most recognized brands of motorcycles in the world, but they also run their own insurance branch. Many riders prefer working with Harley-Davidson because of their experienced agents. As an insurance provider, Harley-Davidson knows exactly what motorcycle riders want from an insurance plan, providing extensive coverage. They also have one of the best accident forgiveness policy of any other insurance provider.

Their policies also include a number of extra features, without increasing your monthly cost. All customers receive 24/7 roadside assistance, which includes towing, battery replacement and replacing flat tires. As of writing, coverage is not available in Alaska, Hawaii or Washington D.C.


Geico is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States. While they are most commonly associated with car insurance, they also provide extensive motorcycle coverage. Compared to other big insurance providers, Geico has some of the lowest rates available. Newcomers are also eligible for a ten percent discount if they switch from a different insurance policy. You also receive additional loyalty discounts if you have any other type of Geico insurance. Geico is also flexible with payment plans, allowing you to pay in smaller installments, which is helpful for riders on a strict budget.

Geico does not have as many policies as other insurance providers, but it includes all the major areas, such as collision, comprehensive and medical payments. There are also limited options to get your accessories insured.


Progressive is another top insurance provider if you want to customize your plan. Progressive offers bare bones plans, but there are numerous add-ons, giving you a fair amount of flexibility with your plans. This can make initially pricing the plans a little tricky, since you must keep track of everything you are adding on. Some features come standard with all plans, such as full replacement cost, without any depreciation for older motorcycles. Progressive also offers generous OEM coverage, with a limit of $3,000. While this is not enough to cover all custom motorcycles, it is good for riders who only have a few custom parts. While Progressive does not have as many discounts as other insurance providers, your first accident is forgiven, as long as you were accident free for at least four years previously.