Mobile Mechanics Near You

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Some vehicle repairs are priorities and need to be completed fast. Finding a quick mobile mechanic in your area might be the answer if you know what to look for and how to find them. Are you seeking immediate mechanical work on your vehicle? Read how to locate top mobile mechanics near you fast.

Mobile Mechanics 101

A mobile auto mechanic is an auto mechanic who brings repair services to you instead of you taking your vehicle to a garage or alternate repair shop. A mobile mechanic service prioritizes the perspective of the customer over traditional service methods and scenarios. Some mobile mechanics operate 24/7, 365-days per year. Some are independent contractors, while others work for privately-owned garages or franchised vehicle service centers.

Some mobile mechanics have mobile service trucks, while others transport their tools in personal vehicles. Each mobile mechanic service sets its own service-area parameters but many travel varying distances. The area where your disabled vehicle is located must be safe and moderately flat for a mobile mechanic to work on it. Prices vary per provider and your location as well. Occasionally the cost of hiring a mobile mechanic is cheaper than taking your vehicle to a traditional garage due to the low overhead involved in the process. Conversely, and depending on the repairs needed, the price is more expensive. This is often the case when immediate or rush-job services are required. Prices might also be higher when longer travel times are involved or more complicated repairs are necessary.

Comparing Mobile Mechanics to Regular Mechanics

Most mechanics who work in authorized repair centers and garages are extensively trained and possess valid certifications. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) presents certificates to auto mechanics who successfully complete the necessary training required via its Certified Master Technicians tests. ASE-certified mechanics are trained to service every system, component, and part on most vehicles, although brand-specific restrictions apply. ASE-certified mechanics also possess two years of verifiable experience in the automobile repair industry.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) provides an Approved Auto Repair Facility Locater tool. AAA is a trusted and reliable source for finding equally trusted and reliable certified mechanics. Many mobile mechanics are ASE-certified and AAA-approved, but not all are. Most mobile mechanics have the skills to perform the same repair jobs as do mechanics who work in garages as well. More serious repairs, especially those requiring lifts or heavier tools and machinery, might only be serviceable in a garage. Still, some mobile mechanics have comprehensive operations and service capabilities. Before hiring a mobile mechanic, it is vital to first ask about his or her:

  • Certification status.
  • Years of experience.
  • Pricing.
  • Insurance and liability coverage (and terms).
  • Warranty provisions and service guarantees.
  • Money-back guarantees.
  • References.
  • Policies pursuant to mechanic-caused damages to your vehicle or property.

Mobile Mechanics - Services Provided

Mobile mechanics are hire most commonly for routine maintenance services and basic repairs. While this is the case, mobile mechanics perform a broad range of services from simple to complex. For example, vehicle inspections, repair estimates, belt changes and filter replacements are common jobs performed by mobile mechanics. Changing spark plugs, installing new headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals are also common jobs handled by a mobile mechanic. Oil changes and other fluid replacement services including transmission, brake, coolant, wiper and power steering fluids are conducted.

More extensive jobs such as brake pad and rotor replacement are also common. Steering, suspension, springs, coils, shocks, struts, and wheel alignment services are performed by mobile mechanics. A mobile mechanic even diagnoses check engine light, replaces alternators, and fixes your heating and AC systems (certain conditions apply). What jobs will mobile mechanics not do? If your car has a dealership or manufactures warranty on it a mobile mechanic will not work on the part, component, or system under warranty. Jobs requiring lifts such as engine replacements and other more complicated (and potentially dangerous) repairs are also not performed by mobile mechanics.

Average Prices of Mobile Auto Mechanics

Mobile mechanics charge for labor and parts (when applicable) as do regular garages. Most hourly labor prices range between $80 and $125 per hour, although conditions and additional elements also apply. For example, a mobile mechanic with an hourly rate of $100 might only charge that rate inside a specific travel area. An additional fee might be added when traveling beyond the normal range. Rush-job service might be provided with an additional $50 fee, although rush-job rates vary greatly between providers. Due to the time-consuming nature and expenses associated with travel, many mobile mechanics charge a call-out fee even to provide a verbal repair assessment or written estimate.

Different jobs also have different price-points, which may or may not include parts and travel or other surcharges. For example, a pink-slip vehicle inspection might cost between $50 and $75, whereas a battery replacement might cost only $25 to $50 (plus parts). Additional mobile mechanic replacement and repair services (with approximate price ranges) include:

  • Brake pads ($150 to $175).
  • Water pump ($175 to $250 or more).
  • Alternator belt ($120 to $250 or more).
  • Diagnostic inspections ($30 to $100 or more).
  • Clutch ($500 and more).
  • Starter motor ($300 to $500 or more).
  • Timing chain or timing belt ($350 to $875 or more).
  • Oil changes ($50 to $75 plus or including oil, depending on provider).
  • Reminder: All prices listed directly above might or might not include parts, pending provider policies.


The primary benefit of hiring a mobile mechanic is convenience and speed of service. When your AC or heater units break down on severely hot or cold days, calling a mobile mechanic to perform a same-day repair job is a comfort-saving benefit you cannot get when taking your vehicle to a regular garage. Money is also saved on tow trucks when your vehicle is repaired while you are at work, at school or even on vacation. Many mobile mechanics work out of local trusted garages. When the job is too big, complicated, or dangerous to perform where your vehicle is located, a mobile mechanic service will transport your vehicle to an affiliated garage capable of handling the job on their behalf.

Mobile Mechanics - Any Risks?

Some risks are associated with hiring mobile mechanics. Anyone with even moderate mechanical ability and no certifications can offer this service. Warranties might not be provided, which is a huge red flag to avoid. Be certain to research all providers before hiring one. Also ask for proof of certification and references (names and numbers) to affiliated garages and their owners.