Home Office Desks

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The right desk height, working space, and color all impact how you perform your job from home. In modern times the number of choices for home office desks might seem overwhelming. How do you choose the best home office desk for you? What various types of designs are available and what are their average prices? Read ahead for helpful information on various home office desks in 2021. Your home office desk is crucial to the quality and efficacy of your work environment. 


Home Office Desks – Various Types

Home office desks come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, prices, and styles. Old-style rollout desks are popular again, as are office desks with outdoors or rustic appearances. Equally popular are desks with sleek, modern designs offering plenty of legroom, while taking up minimal room space. Six of the most popular types of home office desks today include:

  1. Standing desk.

  2. Modern desk.

  3. Corner desk.

  4. L-Shaped desk.

  5. Credenza desk.

  6. Executive desk.

1. Standing Desk

Standing desks give you the option to sit or stand while working. Special, higher chairs/stools are sometimes necessary to sit when you choose to do so, although many standing desks are also conventionally adjustable. Sitting for long periods of time potentially leads to unhealthy ailments such as muscle cramps, fatigue, bad posture, arthritis and more. Having the ability to work from different positions also infuses energy into your home office environment. Top-tier standing desks such as the HermanMiller Renew Sit-to-Stand tables are popular and adjustable, giving you the option to choose your physical position at any given moment during your workday.

2. Modern Desk

The concept of a modern desk is broad and takes into consideration seemingly endless types of shapes and designs. The Alson 63” desk uses minimal walnut wood for its legs & base combined with a sleek & gorgeous tempered glass top. A matching filing cabinet is sold separately to complete its full home office desk functionality. Floating desks epitomize the concept of modern workspaces, requiring as little room as possible while simultaneous presenting extreme style and engaging aesthetics. Floating desks are wall-mounted, so no floor space is consumed. The Orange 22 Minimal floating desk sells for approximately $749 and includes a convenient pullout drawer. Lower priced modern/floating desks are also available for various purposes. For example, the Kurv Floating Desk – Prepac is available through Target in a beautiful dark espresso wood stain for only $89.99 plus tax.

3. Corner Desk

Corner desks work great in tight spaces, while also giving you plenty of desk space real estate on which to work. One great feature associated with corner desks is the ability to have wall-mounted shelving hanging above the desk for stationary supplies, hard drives, and even decorative items. Another great feature of a corner desk is the extra legroom available with certain designs. Corner desks are also affordable. The Daniel Corner Desk by Andover Mills is only $149.99 on sale through Wayfair. The stylishly red Medford Corner Desk – Buylateral (via Target) is only $82.49.

4. L-Shaped Desk

An L-shaped desk qualifies as a type of corner desk but is not limited to placement in corners alone. Various materials are used to create l-shaped desks including woods, metals, plastics, and glass. Like smaller corner desks, l-shaped desks provide plenty of legroom. A primary feature of the l-shaped desks, especially in larger sizes is the ability to seat more than one person for meetings or cooperative work efforts. Another great feature is the ability to have two separate albeit organized sections to your desk for various purposes. Many l-shaped desks are also great for gaming and even professional music production.

5. Credenza Desk

A credenza desk includes cupboards and/or cabinets in its design. These types of desks are often suitable to home offices where the atmosphere is more natural and/or even antique in nature. Converting an antique credenza desk from decorative (living room) or kitchen purposes provides plenty of storage space for work & offices supplies. Perhaps the best feature of using a credenza desk for your home office is the ability to close the cupboards and hide away any pens, papers and wires used during your workday. Some credenza desks are more modern in their design, however, while others maintain an antique/classic appearance but use transparent glass in place of opaque cupboard doors.

6. Executive Desk

You might need an executive desk if you are running a larger business from home or if your operations require multi-tasking all day long. Executive desks typically include storage space/drawers, a large amount of workspace and additional useful features. This type of desk requires a significant amount of room space and often comes with the option to purchase matching home office chairs and other accessories. Executive desks are not one-shape-fits-all desks, either. L-shaped, u-shaped, corner and multiple-piece executive desks are all available. How much do executive desks cost?

Where to Buy Home Office Desks (best places)

Purchasing a desk for your home office is an important decision. The desk has to be functional and certainly the right height for your needs. Accessories are also important for many home office situations. Do you need additional filing cabinets? Do you need extra space for multiple computers monitors or a printer and hard drives? Some people choose style over functionality while others need a combination of both. Certain stores specialize in selling premier-quality home office desks, while other such as WalMart, Office Depot and Staples sell various styles in multiple price ranges. Some of the best places to buy home office desks in 2021 include: