HVAC Cleaning Service

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems require regular inspections and routine maintenance, but they also need specialized cleaning services. HVAC cleaning services are available for whole systems and per unit. Multiple units inside commercial buildings or rental properties are also cleaned, sometimes at discounted rates. Scheduling regular HVAC cleaning services provides benefits similar to scheduling regular maintenance services for your vehicle. The more regularly you get it serviced the less likely it is to break down and the longer it will last.

Top HVAC cleaning services are available near you today. National service chains and providers also have franchises & service centers in your area. Choosing the best service provider for your needs depends on numerous important factors, all of which are discussed below. Read ahead for an informative guide on top 2021 HVAC cleaning services available near you today.

Why Clean an HVAC System?

Cleaning an HVAC system on a regular basis provides benefits similar to changing the oil in a motor vehicle. The cleaner the system is the better it runs. The better an HVAC system runs the less it requires expensive repairs. Additionally, a clean HVAC system has a longer life, which saves you from expensive and premature replacement costs.

Typical Services

HVAC cleaning companies provide typical services when hired to clean your HVAC system. Multiple components of your HVAC system are cleaned, decontaminated, sterilized and disinfected as applicable. Companies provide cleaning services for entire systems, individual parts/units and multiple systems inside a building. Free estimates are often provided and include a detailed professional assessment of your system’s needs. The cleaning company service manager or other applicable representative informs you of all planned services, offering you the chance to approve or disapprove of itemized tasks based on budget, timing, convenience and more.

Specialized HVAC cleaning tools are utilized to break dirt & debris away from the walls of your ducts. Dirt & debris stuck in pipes and tubes are dislodged. Powerful air-blowers are sometimes used to force stubborn debris through your system and outside completely. A final sanitizing process is conducted to flush out residual dirt before the air filter is replaced and your HVAC system is tested for proper operational status & functionality. 

Sometimes additional products & chemicals are required to effectively clean your HVAC system. Mold, mildew and bacteria commonly grows inside vents and ductwork located in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. Essentially, ductwork and vents placed where water is frequently run or the air is often damp are at higher-risk of developing these specific allergens and contaminants. Cleaning certain types and/or amounts of mold, mildew and bacteria might not be included in basic cleaning packages and is occasionally billed as an additional charge. Typical parts, items & systems commonly included in regular HVAC cleaning service packages are:

  • Vents & grills.

  • Supply/return air ducts.

  • Registers.

  • Diffusers.

  • Motor housing & blower.

  • Heat exchanger.

  • Evaporator coil.

  • Float.

  • Drain pan & drain. 

Applying HVAC Cleaning to COVID-19

HVAC cleaning services handle unusual jobs beyond the normal cleaning of dust, debris and other allergens. Small animals such as bats, rats, raccoons, and squirrels get inside home ductwork more often than homeowners are commonly aware. HVAC cleaning service companies are often hired to clean out ductwork after animals invade it. Once the COVID-19 virus was proven to be transmitted via airborne particles, HVAC systems in nearly every public building were evaluated for air quality and sanitary risks. Hospitals use advanced air filtration systems to help prevent the spread of airborne diseases and in the wake of COVID-19 many home & business owners began treating their HVAC systems with the same level of care. 

Cleaning your HVAC system on a regular basis was important prior to COVID-19 upending normal life around the world. HVAC service companies utilized the impact of the virus to help promote the importance of clean air and indoor air quality. Such marketing is not nefarious or self-serving, however. The quality and cleanliness of the air you breathe today has simply taken on unprecedented importance more than it has in multiple recent decades.

Average Prices

Average prices for cleaning HVAC systems vary based on a nearly countless number of factors. Common factors affecting average prices include company policies, home/commercial systems, size of your system and the market area in which you live. Hourly, flat, per vent/unit and per square foot rates are all charged, sometimes separately and sometimes in combinations. Primary factors affecting HVAC cleaning service prices include:

  • Contamination levels.

  • Danger to workers.

  • Ease of access to all areas.

  • Repairs (commonly not included in cleaning contracts).

  • Number of workers required to complete your service.

Location plays a larger factor in pricing than homeowners might expect. For example, a duct/vent cleaning job in Denver, CO averages $250-$400, whereas the same job in Jacksonville, FL costs $250-$500+. The national average price for cleaning HVAC vents/ducts is approximately $400, however some jobs cost as much as $1,000 or more. Each additional furnace/AC unit cleaned costs approximately $400 each although certain companies offer discounts for repeat customers and multiple units in the same building. Additional charges/surcharges are assessed for:

  • Rats/mice ($150-$500 more).

  • Mold/mildew removal ($600-$2,000 more).

  • Custom ducts (25-30% more).

  • Poor accessibility (extra charges by provider discretion). 

Top Benefits & Service Providers

Primary benefits from hiring an HVAC cleaning service include the removal of allergens & toxic materials from your air & ventilation systems. Many people suffer from uncomfortable undiagnosed ailments only to discover bacteria or potentially deadly mold in their vents and ductwork as the cause. Top HVAC cleaning services provide excellent customer service and fast response times. The best services also know how to remove mold, mildew, dirt and debris and get your system running safely & effectively again. A few of the top HVAC cleaning service providers (and resources to find them) in the U.S. today include: