Find Best Deals on Golf Clubs

Choosing the right golf clubs helps improve your skills & game. Read helpful information about how to find the best deals on top golf club brands today.

Are you a beginner or intermediate-level golfer looking to purchase new clubs? Perhaps you are an experienced golfer researching the top brands available today. Clubs are available for sale as individual clubs and in full sets. High-quality golf bags and other golf accessories are also available on the market today.

What are the top golf club brands in use today? What are the average prices for individual clubs and full sets? Beginner golfers also need to understand the various types of clubs used for different shot types prior to making any purchases. What are the most commonly used types of golf clubs and what are they for? Read ahead for helpful information about golf clubs and how to find the best deals today. 

Types of Golf Clubs 101

Prior to purchasing new golf clubs it is important to understand the types of clubs available. This is likely common knowledge to experienced golfers, but beginner and intermediate players might have more to learn & consider. Woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters are all used for various shot types in golf today.


Woods clubs used to be made of wood but no longer are. Woods clubs have the largest heads, which are usually hollow. The head of these clubs is several inches sideways and a few inches front-to-back. Woods clubs include drivers and fairway woods, which are used for longer shots, fast swings and tee-shots.


Irons, also referred to as blades, range from three to nine (commonly) in number/size and include a pitching wedge. These clubs have smaller heads than woods, most especially in the front-to-back dimensions. Some irons are hollow, but others are solid. The loft, or angled face of an iron club is imparted with grooves designed to put a spin on the golf ball once struck. Irons are used on the fairway, for shorter-hole purposes and for tee-shots.


Hybrid clubs, also referred to as utility/rescue clubs combine features of both woods and irons. Hybrids are numbered in similar fashion to irons, which makes perfect sense because each one serves to replace a corresponding iron club. Many modern golfers find hybrids to be easier to swing than irons. This type of club is commonly used to replace 2, 3, 4 and 5 long-irons.


Wedges are specifically unique types of golf clubs. They are simultaneously also considered to be a sub-category of irons. This is because wedges share the same type of clubheads as irons. What is one main difference between wedges and irons? The loft on a wedge is far more angled than the loft on an iron. Wedges are used for chip shots onto (and around) greens and for hitting your way out of sand traps/bunkers.


Putters are used for delicate shots requiring light, accurate touches. Clubheads on putters are one of three types: Traditional blade, heel-toe or mallet. They are used on putting greens and for the final stroke(s) on each hole. Choosing the best putter for you has a lot to do with your personal style, game technique and simple preference. Putters are sold in more varieties than any other type of golf club today as well. This means choosing the right putter for you might take some time and experimentation to get right, and your choices/preferences for putters might also change as your game & skills evolve.

Golf Clubs – Top Brands

TaylorMade golf clubs are made by Adidas and widely considered to be the best brand of clubs on the market today. This is an innovative company with a history of influencing trends and constantly working to improve its products (and your game). The TaylorMade brand is highly popular among prominent PGA tour participants including Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler and more. One of the reasons this brand is so popular is its uncanny versatility to suit various skill levels. Beginners to advanced golfers all benefit from using TaylorMade clubs. 

Ping is another top brand of popular golf clubs on the market today. This brand of club is especially helpful for mid-to-high handicap players. Ping brand popularity is based largely on its ability to help players improve their swings and games. The clubs offer a lot of forgiveness pursuant to off-center hits. Ping clubs are also highly effective at reducing sidespin. How good are Ping clubs? The 2018 Masters was won by Patrick Reid, who was using Ping clubs for every stroke.

TaylorMade and Ping are the two top brands of golf clubs today, but other competitive high-quality club brands are also available. Versatility, forgiveness, grip, game improvement capabilities and pricing all affect the popularity of modern golf club brands. The following is a list of additional top-tier club brands for sale in 2021:

Golf Club Prices (individuals & sets)

Choosing the right golf clubs helps improve your skills & game. Understanding the way golf clubs are priced helps you decide if you should purchase individual clubs or invest in a full set. Sometimes you only need to purchase one replacement club, while other times you might be considering replacing your entire brand.

Gold clubs range wildly in price based on numerous factors. Materials used to make the clubs are a prominent aspect influencing price points. For example, titanium clubs are the most expensive clubs sold. Conversely clubs made with zinc & aluminum heads are considered entry-level products and therefore the least expensive. Basic putters can cost under $5, while certain professional grade drivers cost over $1,000 per club.

The average cost of a high-quality club ranges from approximately $200 to $400, but various factors still apply. Some stores offer discounts when you purchase more than one club at the same time. Dick’s Sporting Goods sells complete Top Flite sets for between $200-$300. Sets like these are great for beginners but upgrades to higher priced sets will be required as game skills and technique advance. Callaway sells combo sets for $1,295 and some TaylorMade sets cost approximately $1,299.