Furniture Rental

Thinking of renting furniture for your new living space? Rent from one of these five companies.

Any significant life change can be difficult. However, moving living spaces can be one of the most stressful life events. Not only is your life uprooted, but the monetary and time costs of moving are exorbitant. Moving also increases the risk of damaging your possessions. Despite how stressful moving can be, the average American moves twelve times throughout their lifetime. 

Moving statistics gathered from the United States Postal Service suggest that Americans will continue to move more frequently or adopt a mobile lifestyle since the normalization of remote work. Additionally, many individuals have decided to move as a repercussion of city and state policy changes that have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

After moving, many people want to furnish their new space to make it feel more like their home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, newly relocated individuals spend an average of $10,600 furnishing their new living space. 

Furniture Rental 

Depending on your lifestyle, renting furniture might be a more cost-effective way to furnish your apartment. Several companies provide their customers with the option to rent or lease furnishings for a fixed monthly cost. 

Benefits of Renting Furniture

Renting furniture may not be a solution for everyone. However, it does provide a convenient solution for many people. Here are the overlooked benefits of renting your furniture: 

Less Moving Challenges

Your pieces of furniture will be the most challenging items to move. Furniture that comes in varying shapes and sizes can be challenging to protect and fit through your doorways, stairwells, and hallways. The additional weight of heavy furniture can increase the risk of injury while transporting your furniture. Improperly transported furniture can damage the furniture and or your well-being. Furniture rental companies will deliver and transport your furniture to your new place of residence. 

No Buyer's Remorse 

Renting furniture means you do not have to make an outstanding commitment to keeping a certain furnishing. If you change your mind about an item, you have easier options for changing the furniture than if you had purchased the item forthright.  

Easier to be Trendy

Trends come and go. It feels good to have a chic living space that maintains the latest fashion trends. However, the cost of maintaining fashionable furniture can break the bank if you purchase furniture at the speed of trend changes.  


You may not have several thousands of dollars to allocate to up-front costs of buying new furniture. Rather than buying new furniture, you can rent it for a fixed monthly cost less than what you would initially spend on purchasing new furniture. Many people have an easier time budgeting for a monthly fee. The cost of renting furniture depends on the furniture you rent.  

Embraces Minimalism 

Minimalism is a type of lifestyle that many millennials like to practice. The Minimalists define minimalism as a lifestyle that helps you focus your time, energy and money toward the things that add significance to your life. If you rent your furniture, you can have the opportunity to rent what you need rather than accumulate unnecessary furnishings over time. Without excess furniture weighing you down, you can focus your attention on cultivating a fulfilling life.  

Choosing a Furniture Rental Company 

Some furniture rental companies have better reputations than others. Before committing to a furniture rental company, it is advised that you research online reviews for which company will furnish your place without causing you more stress. If you decide to rent furniture, be sure to understand the company's policies and additional fees. For instance, if you spill coffee on a rented sofa, how much will they charge you for the damage? 

Top 5 Furniture Rental Companies 

Here are All Day Consumers' preferred furniture rentals. 

  1. Aaron's 

This furniture rental company is considered the best rent-to-own furniture company for consumers in the United States and Canada. The rent-to-own option allows buyers to acquire quality furnishings before having to pay all the up-front costs. While this option does cost more money long-term, buyers can begin using their furniture at the start of the first payment.

  1. Brook Furniture Rental 

This furniture rental company has remarkable customer service for helping you meet your furnishing needs. Brook Furniture Rental’s commitment to outstanding customer service does provide you with several benefits if you decide to be one of their customers. Their website is user friendly and can help you decide which style of furniture best suits your style and living arrangements. Brook Furniture Rental deliver your rental furniture to you within two business days of signing their contract. Additionally, they offer you free returns and exchanges within the first week of service.  

  1. Feather 

This furniture rental company caters to city-dwellers. Feather is available in many major cities throughout the United States and continues to grow as this new start-up gains its reputation. You can rent single-items, or everything needed to furnish your entire living space. Additionally, Feather offers extremely stylish furniture for an inexpensive cost. This furniture rental company will not benefit people who live in suburban or rural areas.

  1. Oliver Space 

This furniture rental company has the most stylish furniture on the market. You can rent from Oliver Space if you live in one of the following cities: Austin, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Their plans can fit with various kinds of lifestyle.

  1. CORT 

This furniture rental company provides its customers with the best overall value. They have continued to dominate the rental furniture market for several decades. CORT offers an extensive amount of durable furniture for affordable prices. Additionally, CORT provides affordable $99/month packages for students and military members. The company touts that renting their furniture has better implications on the health of the environment. They claim that renting their furniture emits 66% less pollution than companies that sell furniture directly to consumers.