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When you have electrical issues you need to find the best electrician near you fast. Certified professional electricians provide home, commercial, and even automobile electrical services in your area. How do I find the best electrician fast? How much does an electrician cost on average?

Multiple resources for finding local and national electrician services are available online today. When hiring an electrician for your home, car or business it is important to know what to look for and what questions to ask. Is your electrician state-certified? Is his or her work guaranteed in writing? Read ahead for a helpful guide on how to find an electrician near in in 2021.

Profession Electricians – Services Provided

Certified professional electricians offer home, commercial and automobile services. While some elements of an electrician’s job are the same regardless of where service is provided, others vary greatly. Differences in the types of services provided by professional electricians are outlined briefly below:

Home Electrician Services

  • Upgrades to overall electrical system (especially in older homes).

  • Fix dead/out-of-service sockets, outlets, fuse boxes & electrical panels.

  • Installation of new lights, fans, appliances & more.

  • Restore tripped Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).

  • Install surge protection house-wide.

  • Repair shorts & overheating circuit breakers.

Commercial Electrician Services

  • Lighting upgrades.

  • Lighting retrofits.

  • Remodeling/renovation-based wiring.

  • Installation of alarm/security systems.

  • Installation of motion detection systems.

  • Implementing energy-saving systems.

  • Surge protection.

  • Communication/intercom device installation.

  • Parking/monitoring systems installation.

Automobile Electrician Services

  • Installation of wiring/electrical components.

  • Electrical system maintenance.

  • Anti-theft system installation.

  • Anti-lock brakes system maintenance.

  • Fuel injection system repairs.

  • Transmission repairs (when electronically applicable).

  • Heating/AC systems repairs.

What to Look for in Your Electrician

Do you know what to look for in an electrician prior to hiring him or her? Working with electrical systems in a home, business or automobile is dangerous. The electrician (or electrician service) you hire needs to meet all certification and safety requirements to ensure the quality of his or her work and the safety of your property. The safety of you and your family is also paramount.

Any electrician you hire needs to be licensed and certified to work in the state where you live. The Electrical Training Alliance offers unionized certification programs to electricians around the country. Non-union electricians also require certification to work in your state. Be certain your electrician shows you proof of his or her certification before you allow any work to begin.

Ask your electrician about pricing and guarantees. What is the minimum service call charge? Are estimates free? How does your electrician bill for services? Some electricians bill a minimum service charge regardless of how much time is spent on the job. Some only charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate fee per job. Many electricians charge in a combination of ways per job, including billing you for parts. Make sure to get an estimate in writing before making any hiring commitments. 

Your electrician needs to be educated and capable of handling your job safely and effectively. How long has your electrician been in the business? Is he or she in the journeyman or master electrician phase of their career? Where did he or she obtain an education? These are all important questions to ask. Other traits and qualities to look for in your electrician include:

  • Emphasis on customer service.

  • Confidence.

  • Pricing & estimate-based transparency.

  • Willing to provide workmanship guarantees/warranties.

  • Willingness to listen to & answer all your questions.

  • Timeliness (how fast can the job get done?).

  • What surety bonds or insurance does the electrician have?

Tips for Finding the Best Electrician Near You

Prior to hiring an electrician it is helpful to study several important tips about the hiring and actual job process post-hire. Research the averages costs (see information below) for similar electrical work in you area. Ask around to get word-of-mouth opinions on various local and national electrician services near you. Use Yelp to look up actual customer/client reviews of electricians you are considering for hire. Consult with a minimum of three competing electricians to compare prices and terms. Finally, use a wide variety of online comparison-site and electrician-based resources such as:

Average Prices

The average prices for hiring a residential electrician range from $40 to $100 per hour, or approximately $140 to $420 per job. A $50-$100 service call-out fee is also commonly applied to the front of the bill. Commercial electrician services are capable of ranging from approximately $2,000 to $6,000 per job and more. Automobile electrician service prices vary greatly across the U.S. as well. National auto service/maintenance chains sometimes have set hourly prices in every location regardless of state. Others are franchised and charge based on region. Local electrician services might charge less or more than the national averages as well.

Automobile electrician service prices further vary based on the part(s)/system(s) in need of repair. For example, a simple wiring job to repair shorted out lights will cost significantly less than an electrical system repair to anti-lock brakes or your entire transmission system. Please note: All prices listed herein are based on national averages. Specific jobs require specific pricing, especially when the purchase of parts is involved. Be certain to get all pricing/cost estimates in writing prior to hiring any electrician to work on your home, business or vehicle.