AI Trading Services

Discover the pros and cons of using AI trading services for investing. Learn more about several of the best AI trading services available for 2021.

The idea of AI trading services has existed for many years, but until recently, it was never something investors took seriously. AI technology has seen significant advancement since 2010. As computers become more sophisticated, there are more possibilities for AI to grow. Another major change is the cost of technology. Previously, investing in AI research was too expensive. Today, the equipment costs are miniscule, and programmers have many other AI projects to serve as models for their own work.

One of the latest AI trends is trading services. AI trading services use predictive algorithms to analyze the stock markets and predict future trends. Typically, AI trading services focus on a specific area, such as estimating when the best time to sell an existing stock is, or what market is about to experience an increase in value. AI trading services are not foolproof. There are many outside elements that an AI cannot account for, such as a breaking news story rapidly changing the market. Listed below are some of the benefits of using AI trading services and some of the top programs to consider.

Pros and Cons of AI Trading Services

While AI trading services are not perfect, they do not suffer from objectivity. A common problem for investors is separating facts from feelings when looking at the market. It becomes even harder if you have some kind of personal investment in the stock. Investors often lose money or miss good deals because of panicking or overexcitement. AI trading services do not have these limitations, solely basing decisions on the data. If you are unsure what decision to make because your emotions are in the way, you can use an AI trading service to give you a clear, unbiased picture of your stocks.

AI trading services are also excellent resources for backtesting. In investing, backtesting is the process of using previous data to predict the success of a similar stock. While it sounds simple, it is easy to make mistakes when looking up information on previous stocks, since there is so much data available. Even if you are confident in your abilities, AI trading services are much quicker and more convenient to use.

One potential disadvantage is you need a quick and reliable internet connection to make the most out of AI trading services. Market changes occur in a fast-paced environment, so a slow connection means your AI is constantly catching up before it can provide helpful information. Similarly, you want a computer with a fast processor. AI trading services provide useful information, but you still need investment experience and cannot rely solely on what the program tells you. Some of the best programs are also fairly expensive. Because the AI relies on updating and evolving, nearly all AI services are only available based on a subscription service, so there is no way to purchase a program outright.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is considered by many investors to be the best AI trading service. The program utilizes multiple algorithms to help you find profitable investments. When the market closes, the AI program goes over all the changes in the previous day, then compares them to market sales for the last 60 days to look for patterns. The AI includes a number of factors, such as fundamental, technical and social indicators, volume and long and short positions. The algorithms are continually learning, so the AI is always updating itself.

The program itself is highly customizable, so you can rebuild the dashboard to look however you want. You can set different alerts and save data from previous days. Trade Ideas also has an easy-to-use backtesting feature to simplify research. As of writing, there are two subscription plans available, standard and premium. You can either pay a yearly or monthly rate. A standard account is $89 monthly or $1,068 for the year, while a premium is $189 monthly or $2,268 yearly.

Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks is an advanced stock and options scanner platform. The program operates in real-time, monitoring data and market changes as they occur with a variety of predictive algorithms. The program not only looks at the market, but also scans social media to predict possible trends based on an increase in users discussing the stock. In addition to providing information, Black Box Stocks is an easy program to use. All of the information is available on a single, customizable screen. While the AI looks at a large amount of data, you can easily apply filters so you are only seeing information relevant to your investment.

There is only one subscription plan available, which options for monthly or yearly subscription. Both options offer a 20 percent discount on your first subscription. A monthly plan is $99.97, or $79.97 for the first month. A yearly plan is $959 or $768 for your first year.


If you are already familiar with investing, TrendSpider is an excellent program. TrendSpider tracks data and automatically converts it into smart charts. The charts contain both current information as well as speculation on whether a stock is expected to increase or decrease. While TrendSpider provides plenty of information, the program is not as customizable as other options and may take some getting used to, especially for newer investors.

There are several account tiers to choose from. The least expensive is a premium plan, which starts at $39 a month. You can get a reduced price by subscribing yearly, which is $336. TrendSpider is known for providing additional discount codes as well throughout the year, so you may be able to get even greater savings.